My stash pockets, fitteds, trainers

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I have following AIO/SIO/Pocket nappies
4x Easyfits V2 by Totsbots, I love these, waiting on 3 more
5x AIO Mommy's Touch, popper and velcro. Velcro being one of my favourite nappies
2x AIO Swaddlebees L, love these too
2x Swaddlebees pockets Large, love these
1x Bambooty
3x Itti SIO L, like these too
1x Itti AIO L
1x Smartipants
1x Wonderoos V1, one of my favourites as super absorbent
1x Minki Large, still quite big but nice and absorbent and I like the sheep pattern on it
3x Alva nappies
1x Dudeybaba, the cheapest and one of the most reliable of my nappies
also in the storage
1x Blueberry bamboo pocket OS
2x BN Flips with 6 inserts, waiting for the next baby as I only like using them on a non mobile baby

1x Cuddlebuns OS
1x BabyBeehinds hemp
1x LLS night nappy
3x MEOS cotton
2x MEOS stay dry
2x Sandys Large
2x Minki Huggle Large
1x Minki waffle Large
2x Ellas House hemp Large
1x Swaddlebees cotton velour
1x Swaddlebees hemp
maybe few more but cannot remember of the top of my head
few others, which I am planning to get rid of

I do not really use PUL cover, however I bought few at the beginning
I use wool and if it is not lanolised I use my pocket nappies :D


1 x Minki Yoyo L, still to big
3 x Ebay cheapies trainers, these are really cute
8 x TotsBots trainers, 6x size 1, 2x size 2
1x made by me trainers with snap in booster, these are really clever
And some more coming but not sure if I will like them to be honest
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Re: My stash pockets, fitteds, trainers

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Hi, I've just read your post- wow that's an impressive stash! It's really cool you made your own trainers, how did you do it? x

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