Exploring the wonderful world of cloth nappies!

We started off like the textbook cloth nappy user.

Buying a kit with TB fluffles, TB plain white wraps and a bucket! And although we added a few print wraps to the stash that was it...

...until - I found CNT! :cnthug: Now I am a reality cloth nappy user, and having lots of fun experimenting :wink:

I am shortly to start a picture blog of how to make a nappy, from buying and dying the fabric, to adding the embroideries and appliques, to sewing the nappy up and (fingers crossed) it's first use! :widesmile: Stay tuned...

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Stash busting

Permanent Linkby fivefourfour on Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:16 pm

Well, we've tweaked the stash again! and streamlined the nappies to just those that really suit us. The pockets are out the window and we are sticking firmly to AIOs and SIOs.

It still amazes me how different people react to the same nappy. A couple of the pockets I ordered were tried and tested nappies that many people rated very highly, yet I just didn't see the appeal. And then some people tried some of the nappies I can always rely on, only to find they leaked...

I'm totally in love with an American WAHM made nappy, the fishnoodle Solo Flyer. It's very slim-fitting and yet totally absorbant, comes in a gorgeous range of cute colours and prints and the PUL is super soft - think TB easyfit v2 soft.. I'm a regular visitor to their Facebook group and Hyena Cart shop. My husband has totally freaked me out by saying that as the are side snapping and so slim fitting, they might not suit a boy, should we have a son in the future, or we pass the nappies on to one of our growing group of clothie friends.

Speaking of easyfits, we are still loving them, and have a range of v2 prints and brights. We're still after the elusive yellow, though!

I've also been brave and ordered a totally customised Wee Notion AI2, with an applique scene designed by myself and Suzanne. I can't wait to see it in the flesh.

So. Apart from wanting a stripey WN AI2, we're done for the day!

Night times, on the other hand, have been very much a work in progress. When we went back to cloth at night, we were using Close Parent Pop-Ins with the dri night bamboo booster, but that only seems to work one night in five. The two, beautiful Luscious Little Somethings super wetter wooly night nappies, however, work every time, but we are currently washing every day, first thing, so that they get maximum drying time and we can use them as much as possible. We desperately need at least two more, so I really hope Amber reads this blog when she plans which in-stocks to make! Either that or all the other wooly super wetters suddenly pt! :lol:

Current stash:

1 x Holden's Landing AI2 - Leah the Ladybug
4 x fishnoodles Solo Flyers
3 x Tots Bots Easyfit Brights
4 x Tots Bots Easyfit v2
1 x Muttaqin AI2, serged
8 x Wee Notions AI2
3 x Close Parent Pop In
10 x ebay cheapies
2 x LLS wooly night nappies
2 x Pumpkin Pants soakers


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Re: Stash busting

Permanent Linkby JabberJabber on Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:51 pm

I would quite like a stripy WN too....

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