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Snow, snow and more snow :)

Permanent Linkby frankie_n_baby on Fri Feb 06, 2009 5:16 pm

Today dh woke up and I heard him exclaim. The snow which had melted a bit yesterday was steadily being replenished this morning, and it was snowing very heavily. So, I have been lucky enough to have his company at home (how sad am I?! :hohoho: ). More snow is expected this weekend, too. We have about 6 inches of snow here already. Quite a bit has melted off the trees and roads now, but by no means much of it, and tonight it is going to freeze. We have decided to postpone the weekly shop, though personally am a bit concerned about not being able to get out at weekend. Dh will have to work this weekend again, as most other weekends (from home, though, which is great). He has tutorials to prepare for Monday (hence why, on top of everything else he does at work, he has had to work the last few weekends), lectures to prepare for starting next week for the rest of term and beyond, and he is also working on our bat species diagnostics business, which we are currently trialling. We were going to go and get cash out from my bank, so we can start looking for a car to replace my poor written-off one (expensive repairs after a black ice/hedge/ditch incident :oops: ) but that will probably have to wait.

I must go an start taking the towels my sister gave me out of the chest of drawers/changing table she gave us, so that I have somewhere to put the baby things, and so it can be moved upstairs. I'll see if I can get dh to move it for me tonight :wink: . I'm in another "must get things ready NOW" mood :lol:


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