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by 0_Lisa_0 on Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:19 pm
I can't believe that on Friday I will only have 14 weeks left of this pregnancy, and a good 4 weeks of that can be written off in the run up to Christmas as we just won't get time to do anything. We haven't started on babies room yet, we haven't started to put things where they need to be, we have barely started with her shopping. I just feel so unorganised. I know that it will all fall in to place and we will be ready but at the minute this pregnancy feels like it's running away from me a bit. It...

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Small babies.

by june2007 on Tue Feb 01, 2011 4:33 pm
I have just given a lending kit out to a mum with a baby just over 5 lb. I gave a few birth topotty nappies but raided my lending stahs for all the small nappies as i know from having two babies around 5lb that cloth nappies can seem huge. I did warn her that some may be big, but i included a small ittibitti, and a small Bambino mio which should fit. But I hope she is not put off. Well we'll see. What is otherpeoples experience of cloth on small babies.
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Moo's 20 month vocabulary

by fivefourfour on Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:24 pm
In no particular order:

Nanan - Nana
Pap-pap - Grandad
Dim - Uncle James
Taty - Katy
Tizzy - Vicky
Marp - Mark
Pem - Penny
yamb - lamb
soz - sorry (with sign)
pees - please (with sign)
thank you (with sign)
cat (with sign)
dog (with sign)
woof woof (with sign)
birdie - bird (with sign)
cow (with sign)
moo (with sign)
duck (with sign)
wack - quack (with sign)
night night (with sign)
fish (with sign)
tar - car

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Bababoo nappies

by june2007 on Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:46 am
I was contacted by the company bababoo to see if I would sell there nappies. haveing looked on there site I agreed. I got sent a sample nappy and training pants. First imressions.. cheap. Yes they are a cheap price but the quality felt cheap. The nappy was a cow print minki, but the fabric was not a as soft as other minkis. It is a pocket nappy that comes with two boosters. These were rather like bumgenious ones. According to the guide the nappy will last around 4 hours or with 2 boosters 6. I tried...

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No going back now!!

by nic1 on Thu Jan 15, 2009 5:09 pm
Well it's all booked for tomorrow. Took Emmas pony club forms to the riding stables (RS) as they needed signing on their behalf too and booked a lesson while i was there!! It's tomorrow, half hour private lesson on a horse called Roxy, eeekkkk, scared but at the same time very much looking forward to it also :D :D ...

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