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6+2: nausea and spilling the beans

by 0_Lisa_0 on Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:50 pm
So today and yesterday were rubbish for nausea, fingers crossed tomorrow won't be so bad because I'm not enjoying it. Last night was rough, I got woken at 2.30 and barely managed to sleep after that then spent 2 hours in the bathroom feeling like death.
Anyway, the midwife made contact today and I have my booking in appointment on 19th July, and we have told our direct family. I have been feeling so ill that I just thought we should tell them so that if I need help they will know why. I think I...

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current stash

by nappymad09 on Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:23 pm
1 bgv3
10 cushie tushies
2 x baba boo ebay nappies
5 weehuggers
7 custom wns
1 x wnnns
6 wns non custom
2 mutts aio med and btp
1 ll bamboo
1 gdiaper
11 bbos minkies
1 holdens landing colin cow
1 bitti boo
1 wonderoo v1
1 closeparent aio
about 13 flips
to be continued as i cant remember rest
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Whoops again

by Cadiva on Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:30 am
Oh my, I can't believe it's been more than half a year since I've looked at this blog. James is two-years-old today and so far is really testing my patience!
He's been pushing his luck for quite a few weeks now being really defiant but now he seems to have gone full out for the little terror. He's ignoring everything he's being asked not to do (like play with the things on Daddy's desk) and so I've had to shut the safety gate to the office again which resulted in him having a melt down.
Now he's...

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It's like voodoo

by loumo on Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:26 pm
It being half term, I snuck in a wee cranial osteopathy session for the minis. Now, I don't know how crunchy you all are, but I'm pretty granola. But even I hadn't spent my hard earned cash on someone stroking my head to cure all ills. Until I saw the most amazing Lactation Consultant when Kits was so poorly, and she said it was a must. At that point, I would have danced naked round trees in the street if someone had suggested it would save my baby, so off we went.

We met him, we sat with a...

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No going back now!!

by nic1 on Thu Jan 15, 2009 5:09 pm
Well it's all booked for tomorrow. Took Emmas pony club forms to the riding stables (RS) as they needed signing on their behalf too and booked a lesson while i was there!! It's tomorrow, half hour private lesson on a horse called Roxy, eeekkkk, scared but at the same time very much looking forward to it also :D :D ...

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