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Free Real Nappy Trial- West Berkshire area

by Veolia UK on Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:14 am

West Berskhire Council and Veolia Environmental Services offer completely free two week real nappy trials using the latest nappies, for parents within the West Berkshire district!

Please contact the waste minimisation team for more information on 0203 567 2900 or email west.berkshire@veolia.co.uk

Thank you!
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BLW - The first week

by indigosky2k on Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:55 pm
Tuesday 22 Sept 2009
After not seeming at all interested in eating yesterday today Kacie was very interested. I made cheesy beans and potato wedges for me and put 2 wedges on Kacie's plate. She seemed to know these for her and got excited at the plate when I put it on the table. She watched me while I ate mine, wating for hers to cool. Then she grabbed one straight out of my hand and nommed on it :widesmile: ...

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TTC Cycle 1 - 6 DPO

by moonsunstars2 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:15 pm
Well, BB's still very sore...... nice high temp this morning :D not much AF cramps but getting the odd one today, with abit of back aching. I started to sneeze alto yesterday and last night got that tell tale tingly cold feeling in the back of my nose and throat. Runny nose today and feel like I have a really mild cold. Very very tired...... But think that is the cold and being kicked awake at 4am...

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superfood diet

by littlesez on Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:53 pm
I am restarting the superfood to boost your mood diet and want somewhere to write it down

Porridge, oat milk honey decaf coffee and soya milk
1 peice of wholemeal toast with walnuts
haddock and parsley fishcakes with homemade chips pure apple juice
falafel and salad (lettuce, peppers,...

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It's like banging my head off a brick wall

by 0_Lisa_0 on Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:41 pm
I managed to be at the hospital for 30 minutes before a row broke out again today, OH still insists there is nothing wrong with him but I don't know what I did wrong today. Long story short he told me not to go back to the hospital to visit him so I think this time I won't, I'll wait for him to get in touch and tell me he wants to see me :( it makes me sad that we have come to this when all I want is to be close...

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