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Could it really be so easy?

by 0_Lisa_0 on Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:02 pm
I may well be tempting fate here but, can it really be that the whole rubbish cancer saga is over!? OH had his last round of chemo last night and I still don't think it has sunk in. I mean sure he still has to get better and come home and we have the follow up appointments but is it really done with? I still keep waiting for them to turn around and tell us that he has to go back. I hope he's home for Christmas!!!
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Pockets made by me!

by becsom on Tue Jan 26, 2010 10:45 pm
The first pocket I made for Nell. I kept looking at my favourite BBSS and wondered if I could try to make one.
Medium side-snap pocket in hot pink minkee (hidden PUL) with cream microfleece inner. Jan 09 (I think!).
Annoyingly, I managed to get the 'wrong' side of the fleece facing out - but hey ho, you learn from your mistakes.
Went to town with the photos on this one to remind myself how to do another in the future.

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help with pockets PPPPLease

by data72 on Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:56 pm
help please!! :wink:
we are going on holiday and we decided to try pockets even though we normally use 2 part nappies .
ordered from China long long ago and sadly :( have not arrived.
leaving on Sunday.
Is there any one out there who could lend a few by popping them in the post tomorrow?
I will happily pay postage both ways....

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My blog

by charlibunny on Sun Jan 25, 2009 3:00 pm
Im going to attempt a list of the nappies i own.
this is all i can think off the top of my head but i expect i missed about 20!!!

Ok Lets start ..

Size 1 Fitteds
6 old style tots bots cotton
1 lime cotton tots
1 green cotton tots
10 cotton little lambs
1 hempresto
1 WAHM Dayzee bamboo nappy
2 Nappy nation cotton quick flip style
3 fluffles
2 cuddle buns?
3 size 0 kissaluvs
7 size 1 kissaluvs
1 random WAHM AI2
1 bamboozle

small pockets
2 happy...

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He's baaaack!

by 0_Lisa_0 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:38 pm
OK so OH has been home for a whole week now so this isn't really news but I just wanted to write down a bit.
It has all been ok, much better than I expected actually, we have had a few minor niggles but nothing like what I thought it was going to be. He has been quite good at clearing up after himself and only had one day of being a miserable grump so it looks like he picked up his personality at the door :giggle: ...

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