using 100 % polyester pants as a wrap

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using 100 % polyester pants as a wrap

Postby clumsymumsy » Wed Mar 18, 2009 11:22 am

hi everyone
I just made a great discovery. When I am at home I like to let my DD go around the house without a cover over her fitted nappy, to get some air on her bum, as she is prone to nappy rash.
When the wee starts leaking thru to her pants I have to go and change her. Yesterday, tho she was wearing thickly knit polyester pants and the wee didn't leak thru! It worked just like a fleece wrap! The nappy got wet but the clothes stayed dry! And her bum rash improved despite the fact she stayed wet for a while, since she was getting air on it.
I was thinking of buying a fleece wrap to use at home but after realising her polyester track suit bottoms work I can save the money for something else! :)

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