Thursday chores

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Thursday chores

Postby JabberJabber » Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:28 am

Must do:
Tidy bedrooms
Wipe down bathroom
Change Oliver's sheets :sigh:
Tidy kitchen
Vacuum downstairs
Wash bedding load
Wash towel load
Put clean clothes away
Put food shop away
Dry bedding

Good to do:
Book boiler service - still waiting for call back
Arrange plumber to look at stopcock
Contact builder
Sort out clothes to go in loft
Buy moisturiser
Order replace nozzle for coffee machine
Change towels over
Wash dark load
Mop downstairs
Dust downstairs
Change towels over
Make shopping list for Sunday

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Re: Thursday chores

Postby littlesez » Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:52 am

dishwasher x 3 :oops: two loads done another one just gone in
washing x 4 :oops: two loads done another one just gone in
Complete tidy of the front room

build nappies
tidy kitchen half done
clean kitchen half done
Tidy our room
tidy kids room
clothes away
Changing summer bedding for winter and pack away.
sweep and mop kitchen
tidy bathroom
Tidy lounge
Hoover lounge
scrub highchair

Pack up ordres
arrange courier

chase outstanding invoices
pay myself

Reskein rest of the yarn
1 more order of custom yarn to dye up
Play with a new product :widesmile:

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