Wednesday to do list!

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Wednesday to do list!

Postby clothmama » Tue Oct 21, 2014 10:41 pm

Organisational things:
  • Get the rest of the kids passport application sorted and signed by someone Arranged to be done tomorrow or Friday
  • Call the windscreen man back (not a great job, crack has got bigger!)
  • Call nurses union to cancel fees during mat leave One months notice but at least I haven't left it for weeks like I often do with this stuff :doh:
  • Call bank

    Sorting thing:
  • Do my drawers upstairs :yahoo:

    Nice thing:
  • :sewing: finish my prototype bag

    Everyday things:
  • Washing
  • Do shopping list
  • Go to Aldi Change of plan we are going on Friday - will just pop to Woolies for a couple of things like fruit and some veg.
  • Take Louis' towel and goggles to school Didn't go and got sidetracked - he needs to learn to remember his stuff - bad mummy :giggle:

    Extras if time / energy:
  • Paint the crib now that Mr CM has sanded it back

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Re: Wednesday to do list!

Postby littlesez » Wed Oct 22, 2014 4:01 am

Quick Clean of kitchen
thorough Declutter in the lounge
Order cat food and litter in bulk
hang out washing
any dry clothes away
Wash another load
Start getting a box ready for nct sale

Fun stuff
Rhyme time with Leon
play around with wool wash (Again! )

Pack orders
Book courier

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Re: Wednesday to do list!

Postby Louise » Wed Oct 22, 2014 5:59 am

Clean kitchen
Clean bathroom
Wash floors
Tidy and hoover downstairs
Sand and paint Ms bedroom door (to cover up where she has scribbled all over it :x )
Bake and decorate cakes for the school cake sale
Bake another Christmas cake
Bake some macarons and freeze (for Halloween)
Carry on with A and Rs advent calendar
Make some more gift tags
Wrap presents that have arrived this week and put in loft
Go to school cake sale

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