The 12 month Pantry Shop

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The 12 month Pantry Shop

Postby ems » Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:29 am

I'm trying to reduce our monthly grocery bill a bit by stocking up on the day to day things that can keep for 12 months :) So detergents, packets, cans, health and beauty etc :)

Just planning the shop atm, so if anyone can think of anything to add to my list!

Ok so far in my shopping basket I have

16 100ml toothpastes
6 toothbrushes
12 shower gels
6 shampoos and conditioners
(got 20 boxes of pear soap from doing soap feeling last xmas so still going through those!)
10 x 9 packs of Toilet Roll (can't really store any more!)

Household and detergents
12 x Washing up liquid
4 x 44 pack of dishwasher tablets ( we don't use the dishwasher all the time ;) )
4 x surface cleaner to dilute
I have a drum of bicarb and about 20 litres of vinegar already
200 washes of Washing detergent for clothes

10 kg Rice Tilda basmati
2kg Brown rice
2kg Pudding rice
1kg Semolina
500g Tapioca
10 kg pasta Various wholemeal and white
2kg egg noodles
1kg rice noodles
6kg Cous Cous mix of white and wholemeal
2kg Mixed dried beans
1kg Pearl Barley
1kg Green split peas,
1kg Haricot beans,
1kg Red split lentils
1kg Each of green and black puy lentils
1kg yellow split peas
500g Pine nuts
1kg sunflower seeds
1kg pumpkin seeds

10l Olive Oil ( I've made a lot of chilli/garlic and other infused oils this yr)
3l Sunflower Oil
2l Balsamic
6 jars basil pesto (we've made quite bit this year, so I have 10 jars in the cupboard of rocket and bail pestos)
6 jars of tom pesto
6 jars of roast peppers
8 tubes of Concentrated tom paste
72 cans of tomatoes (hopefully with the 48 tomato plants I will be freezing/canning some of those too)
(Have got jars of rock salt and a bucket of mixed pepper corns from an earlier bulk buy, have copious amounts of spices swell already, mostly all have a refill pack too)

Chutney, sauces and jams I make myself anyway, including mayo and tomato sauce.

3 packs Doves Yeast
6 1.5 kilos of Wholemeal strong flour
4 1.4 kilos of white strong flour
4 1.5 kilos of malted flour
4 1.5 kilos of granary flour
2 1.5 kilos of spelt four
4 1.5 kilos plain flour
1 1.5 kilo plain wholemeal
6 1.5 kilos Self raising flour
2 packs of backing powder
2 packs of C O Tartar
( got HUGE amounts of bicarb ;)
6 Packs of cooking chocolate
( got large essences from Lakeland .. only half way through most bottles)
(got copious amounts of dried fruit from a bulk buy at the beginning of the year)
2 kg corn flour
1 kg rice flour
1 kg potato flour
(I have orange and lemon rind in the freezer)
2 jars runny honey
2 jars of set honey
Marigold vegetable stock

12 kg Muesli
4 boxes of weetabix
4 boxes of shredded wheat

12 litres of squash
50 packs of orange juice/apple juice

To freeze
I have already bought and have:
1/2 a pig
1/2 a lamb
5 kilos of beef mince
6 chickens
10 packs of butter (only freeze for six months)
10 packs of pita bread
10 part baked ciabattas

We already buy by the sack, but I am going to buy another sack for each while I can
1 15kg sack of james well beloved for Maisy ( ocean fish)
2 10kg sacks of james well beloved for the cats
20 x boxes of wet food ( ocado have an offer.. 4 boxes for £10.. but max 20 boxes per customer)
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Sucker for Cloth Nappies

Re: The 12 month Pantry Shop

Postby Bugglyboo » Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:38 am

Toilet roll :D We are always running out but then we live in a caravan and could no way stock up on loads as we'd have to give up our very precious food storage cupboards.

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Sucker for Cloth Nappies

Re: The 12 month Pantry Shop

Postby tiyuricc » Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:56 am

That's a fantastic idea Ems. Might need to seal it from you.

How about dried pasta and rice, that usually lasts quite a while, doesn't it?

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Sucker for Cloth Nappies

Re: The 12 month Pantry Shop

Postby aimeet » Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:56 am

Jams, squash etc? Wine :wine: hehe. Tea bags, salt/pepper, herbs spices, flour etc. My mil freezes flour to keep weevils out and keep it fresh :mrgreen:

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Heather London
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Cloth Nappy Nutter

Re: The 12 month Pantry Shop

Postby Heather London » Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:10 am

Pulses, noodles, rice , quinoa, yeast, canned fruit and veg, dried fruit, nuts, sauces, oils, .

But consider getting some of them at Asian and Chinese stores - I shop at our local Chinese store for a lot of items such as rice, cashew nuts, canned coconut milk etc, soy other sauces etc as so reasonably priced.

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Cloth Nappy Addict

Re: The 12 month Pantry Shop

Postby justme123 » Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:20 am

That's a really good idea :-) I've got a Costco card that I really need to use more :wink:

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Cloth Nappy Chatterbox

Re: The 12 month Pantry Shop

Postby Mareth » Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:30 am

Great idea, if only we had the space for that much stuff.

Toothbrushes? Sponges etc.

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Cloth Nappy Passionata

Re: The 12 month Pantry Shop

Postby gayleygoo » Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:18 am

Wow, when I see stuff like that on offer I usually try to buy two or three of it, and i still struggle for room to store it :lol: sounds like a great idea if you can do it :thumbsup: do you drink (alcohol) much? it's really worth homebrewing wine, beer and cider and storing those.

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Re: The 12 month Pantry Shop

Postby yellow45 » Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:38 pm

Sounds like a great idea-we've been thinking of doing a similar thing but we're limited on space.

OT but how do you make your tom sauce?

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