Secret Santa 2011 - sign up here! :)

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Re: Secret Santa 2011 - sign up here! :)

Postby doobykat » Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:45 pm

Boooo - missed this :(
The downside to a two week holiday I guess :roll:
Will enjoy stalking all the lovely SS gifts though :widesmile:

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Re: Secret Santa 2011 - sign up here! :)

Postby KimmyM » Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:02 am

KimmyM wrote:Yay me too then.
I'm on phone so sorry for totally rubbish editing.

Who the gift is to be for (child's name,age, build) Either Noah aged 2 very average size
Flora aged 6 months at reveal chubby but average
Type of gift preferred (nappy/wool/fleece/WAHM clothing)
For Noah night nappies only please
Or any of the above for Flora ** no wool she seems to be allergic :(**
Nappy/clothing size nappy I only know WN large for both I will get measurement tomorrow. flora is in medium D&F and her flips are totally open if that helps.
I would prefere 9-12 12-18 Clothes for her as she is already starting 6-9
If nappy type of nappy and fastening (pocket/AIO/fitted/side snap/front snap/velcro) fitted or wraps.
[b]If nappy preferred outer fabric/ones to avoid (BV/ minkee/fleece etc)
no fleece
If nappy preferred inner fabric/ones to avoid (BV/minkee/fleece etc)No preference.
Measurements for bottoms (wool/fleece/clothing - waist/hips/rise/inseam/length of skirt if applicable)
Not all asked for but the best I could get please note these are an indication only.
Hips. 44
Waist. 44
Inside leg. 18.5
Measurements for tops/dresses (chest, length of top/dress, sleeve length)

Chest. 51cm doesn't seem right u will check again.
Underside arm 17.5
Back. 31cm

However please follow the WAHM's recommendation and ignore me if they seem ridiculous. I've never measured before and they were like wiggly worms :roll:
Favourite colours/ones to avoid
For Flora I am totally over the top girly for Noo I'm pretty easy going.
Favourite themes/things to avoid i dont like Skulls or anything "dark" or punky really.
I'm pretty easy going for Noo he loves trains, trains, trains and pink trains did I mention trains? Woody. No dragons as they try to eat him :roll:
For Flora super princessy, fairy's, ballerina's she starts baby ballet in January if that gives you an idea of how silly girly I've gone.
Embroidery yes/no/(examples if possible, personalisation ok?) I'm happy either way.
Favourite fabric prints/designers
Michael Miller ans Robert Kaufman fabric is a big favourite of mine.
Anything else your fairy might need to know? hhmmm can't think of anything if my SS needs to PM that's fine :hohoho: well it was worth a go


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