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Nappy Sizing

Postby MrC » Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:34 am

Nappies may be either sized or one size (also known as birth to potty or BTP).

Sized nappies tend to be small, medium or large (but may come in other sizes, depending on the brand of nappy). They mean that as your baby grows, you need a larger sized nappy for him/her.

One size nappies are designed to grow with your child – they may have poppers that allow you to adjust the rise (the height) of the nappy for smaller or bigger babies. While one size nappies tend to be more expensive than sized nappies, this reflects that a baby will get more wear from the nappy. However, one size nappies tend not to work so well at the extremes (very tiny or much older babies).

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