Broody fluffball - chicks on the way we hope!

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Broody fluffball - chicks on the way we hope!

Postby clothmama » Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:45 am

I thought I'd start a chick thread! Here is Hermione all tucked up on her (well not hers but she doesn't care!) eggs:
She is sitting on 5 aracuanas, an Australorp, an Orpington, a Bresse, and a surprise :widesmile:
Today is day 5 - apparently the aracuanas (blue eggs) will hatch at day 20 and the others probably the next day so 2nd and 3rd of May :yahoo: :yahoo: just keeping my fingers crossed that we get a good % that make it and also that I get a good % of girls :-?

I'll try to get a pic of the pretty eggs later if I catch her up have a food / water / poo break :giggle: I forgot before I put them in with her.

I need to candle them (look in with a strong torch) to see they are developing as apparently they can explode if they are not working :puke: :giggle: but I'm not sure exactly when to do it - I've been told day 5 (today) and day 10! Need to do some more research!

I'll keep you updated with hopefully some adorable new chick pics in a couple of weeks :widesmile: :yahoo:

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