Converted a friend but need help!!

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Converted a friend but need help!!

Postby Velvetsteph » Sat Jul 07, 2007 5:11 pm

Right - My friend who has a 15month old small son and is 12wks pg with another baby is converted! She's just deciding what to buy...

She's wanting to buy diddy dipers and bimbles (nippa versions both) for the newborn with ME velcro wraps

Both of which are fine but she's thinking of putting her older son in proper nappies as soon as the next pack of disps runs out so wants some good suggestions for BTP nappies!

Her first son was small when he was born - just over 5lbs, but they think that the second one will be bigger (her mum was same, small 1st baby and HUGE subsequent ones apparently)

I have suggested BG but they're a bit pricey... I'm sure she'll get a few but needs a good workhorse nappy.

She doesn't have a tumbledrier so needs a quick(ish) drying nappy... I have suggested that cotton and microfibre are the best bets for this as bamboo can be quite slow drying and hemp is out of the window really...

Also what would be a good night-time nappy, I'm guessing bumbles?
We've got huggles which I won't be recommending and the bambeasy which while it's fab is really slow drying...
I also love my beehinds but again slow to dry...

She's aware that night-time nappies are bulky and slow drying so she'll need probably 4 at least so she's got some drying some dirty and some clean but the quicker drying the better - I suggested that boosting normal daytime nappies might be her best bet for quickerness of drying (is quickerness even a word?!)

Also I can't remember how on earth many you need to start with!!

18 mebbie??

All help appreciated!!!

S xxx

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Postby clothmama » Sun Jul 08, 2007 6:14 am

Your right in thinking that Bumgenius would be a good option as she could have them both in them pretty much straight away and they are very quick drying. I suppose its worth working out if the need to buy LESS nappys going down that route woudl work out cheaper long term than going with another option. Don't forget they work out at only about £9 from the states if thats an option. There are other cheaper btp pockets as well, like wonderoos.

Bumble would be a good option for nights, I had Louis in them at night from 4 months (could of been earlier as I never even buttoned them down) and he is still in them. They are easy to boost as required and pretty quick drying. I use EH hemp boosters in everything and as they are only 2 layers when folded out they dry very quickly. They are pricey at £4.50 but if she can sew they are very easy to run up, my material cost £8 and I have more than 8 boosters from that. A bumble boosted with hemp and a mf cloth does the job really well and all comes apart to dry very quickly really, as well as being not too bulky. The bumble can also be used as a day nappy unboosted so perhaps worth getting a few of them if she likes them to use day and night.

Babylife is a cotton btp that is very quick to dry but isn't that absorbent, I boost with a fleece and hemp booster which is fine and slim too.

I would suggest she get a total of 6 to do a test of what she likes and what works for her, that way she has a whoel day of nappies and then she can add what she wants when she knows what she likes. She could probably then get by with 18 for him plus more for the new baby.

Diddys and bimbles are perfect for a nb and ME rikki wraps. Its worth getting them 2nd hand as they get so little use that you can get bargains in really good nick. Also some bamboo or terry nb squares are great in the early days with constant changes, they are then the perfect size for inserts in pocket nappies.


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Postby nic1 » Sun Jul 08, 2007 6:25 am

Hiya, i 2nd the BG, i have just one but it's been soooo relaiable and goes a good 4/5 hours without any leaks if i haven't been able to change sooner. I love mine, soooo reliable. I agree £15 is alot for one nappy but then again if used for two babies you do get your moneys worth i guess plus like Tory says cheaper if ordered from US. Never having used cloth on a baby i am not sure of the good nappies for them.

I do like my slinki minki for nights though. :D

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