which is more absorbant in an aio

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which is more absorbant in an aio

Postby trying4baby » Tue Jul 17, 2007 10:50 pm

i have tring to find this answer through the board and probably not looking in the right area. did look in the info pages but nothing answered my question eaxactly. so here it is:

(this would be for a small nappy)

what is more absorbant as the inner fabric of an aio is it:

1- bamboo fleece
2- bamboo terry
3- Bamboo velour
4- Flannel
5- Terry
6- cotton volour
7- hemp fleece

then i have another stumper and that is a hidden soaker:-

1- burley knitt hemp
2- hemp
3- terry

now i know some of you are devided over the hemp, fleece, terry thing as you have all found they are better for toddlers and little bubas from 6months up but i am looking at some gourgus wahm aio at a good price and thought if i start my supplie npow then i can gradually et them as time goes on and not worry about a huge outlay. i am really looking at the newborn and small needs for nappys.

thankyou so much and await some helpful advice in stering me in the right area, just to much to choose from and decide. :? :? :?

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Postby clothmama » Wed Jul 18, 2007 5:14 am

Hi Krys! Great plan to build up your collection slowly, thats what I did while I was preggers!

Firstly, when you say AIO do you mean that or pocket nappy????? A genuine AIO is a nappy where all the bits are sewn together and you dont' need to do anything. A pocket nappy however you take the stuffing out to wash and dry making the dry times alot quicker! Most people prefer the pocket system as it does dry so much quicker and you can adjust it to suit your lo's needs. The other thing in the equation is that on a nb baby many people feel that a 2 part system is more reliable especially if your baby does really huge explosive poos. saying that a well fitting pocket or AIO is still more reliable than a disposable.

I would always suggest buying a few different styles and then wait to see what suits your lo before buying more as all nappies don't suit all babies as well depending on shape/size etc of your baby.

I don't think it matters in terms of absorbency with the same type of material ie bamboo fleece and terry should have the same levels of absorbency. Hemp and bamboo are WAY more absorbent than cotton terry. I personally always think hemp is a bit more absorbant than bamboo but I know others (Steph) find bamboo more absorbent, there is not much in it I wouldn't have thought.

what are the nappies that you are looking at? If you want I could do you a list of some good nappies to try so you have some thing to go on.

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Postby trying4baby » Wed Jul 18, 2007 8:37 pm

thank you so much tory for that i would love the help.

there is a wahm on the cloth resource that dose pul aio's and flece aio's swen together. And i saw the pul she has and was like wow, i like that. then decided to buy just one (being relly reserved) and then it came up with the above chocies and i thought well i just about chose the pul from her list there is no way i can decied between the other stuff and how do you knopw what is best.

so that was it relly. I have followed alot of the websites and found that the items they sell are beautiful and fab then i have to shut it down before i buy as i have no idea what ones are best or what ones are rubbish and just confussed.

thanks for the list thing that would be so great.

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