Do I need a liner

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Re: Do I need a liner

Postby Louise » Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:22 am

I'm quite surprised the disposable wipes are helping with all the chemicals they have in them. Katie got a terrible rash everytime I used them. I use this recipe for my washable wipe solution

a mug of chamomile tea cooled
A few drops of lavender oil and occasionally I add a few drops of tea tree oil too
1 tbsp olive oil

I make it up in a small tupperware box and soak the wipes in it. Every other day I empty it out, wash the tub and make a fresh solution.

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Cloth Nappy Wise Woman

Re: Do I need a liner

Postby 0_Lisa_0 » Fri Jul 31, 2009 11:33 am

Sorry, I forgot to come back to this lol.
Thanks for that Louise I may invest in some more washable wipes and give it a go, I know what you mean about all the chemicals in disposable wipes and I have no idea why they are working so well but I suppose every now and then you have to get lucky with something :D . I have now started using the minkee liners I had knocking about and Austin doesn't look nearly as red when I changed him, does and one know if the disposable liners will work as well or should I be looking to get some more re-usable ones? (I'll be getting some more anyway but I have 2 packs of disposables lying around and if they will work they may as well get used)
Thanks for all your replies


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