Your stashes

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Re: Your stashes

Postby happytails » Sun Sep 06, 2009 6:46 pm

All nappies incl ones on order :D

Fitteds (15)

4 Dunk n Fluff
2 HL fitteds
2 Goodmamas
2 UD fitteds
1 Puddlekins OS
2 FF

Pockets (11)
2 WN AI2
1 Applecheeks

Night nappies (7)
1 HL bedbug

Wool (10)
1 Pk skirties
1 Woollywraps Soaker
1 Aunty-knit soaker (BDazzlers wool)
1 Aunty-Knit skirty
2 PK crops
2 Little hippie knits longies
1 PK shorties
1 FPT shorties

Wraps (3)
1 WN pul
1 WN fleece
1 UD fleece

May have forgotten some, the list is off the top of my head! total 33 nappies (ouch - we definitely need more! )

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Re: Your stashes

Postby vampiredreams » Sun Sep 06, 2009 6:47 pm

so what type of nappy would you wear under it? a WNNL or WNNN etc??? doesn't it get soggy?? I'd worry about wet cot sheets and maggotsac(sleeping bag)

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Re: Your stashes

Postby Louise » Sun Sep 06, 2009 6:53 pm

vampiredreams wrote:so what type of nappy would you wear under it? a WNNL or WNNN etc??? doesn't it get soggy?? I'd worry about wet cot sheets and maggotsac(sleeping bag)

Any fitted nappy so yes WNNLs and WNNNs. Wool is magic. It is water resistant but very breathable. It allows some of the wee to evaporate but stays dry. You'll find that your night nappies aren't as wet if you use wool over them rather than PUL.

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Re: Your stashes

Postby bryc1 » Sun Sep 06, 2009 6:55 pm

5 L ittis
4 M ittis

1 Puddlekins OS
2x Bububebe
1x cozybums
2x plain M WNNL
1 FF M day
1 Dunk and Fluff

These below are a bit big at moment but work well for nights
1 HL
3 x HO
2 lg FF day

Night Nappies
1 M/L bedbug

2 M/L pbpd
4 BG

2 x soakers
1 Longies
1 shorties
1 skirtie

3 Fleece soakers

2 M NB wrap
4 L NB wrap
1 M WN wrap

To grow into- alot of this was ty's old stuff

1 Lg sweetiebums
1 Lg Jr
5 Geobel size 2
4 L WN wrap
4 Med Fuzzi
2 Lg Fuzzi
2 Lg petite Fuzzi
1 Longies
4 XL WN wraps

On way

1 Puddlekins cotton sherpa NN
1 Puddlekins solo
1 penguin WNNL
3 FF M day
2 HL day
1 FF L day
2 med Dunk and Fluff
2 small Dunk and Fluff
2 M UDNN soy
2 M/L bedbugs
1 sm standard minki
1 shorties
interlock longies

Total when I get all the above

AIO 10
Fitteds 36
Pockets 11
Night nappies 7
wool 6
wraps 15
fleece 3

:oops: :oops: considering I only had 25 couple months back, thank goodness I have said I will behave for now :giggle: as nothing else to sell to fund.

Plus a small bag of smalls I have kept for next one.
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Re: Your stashes

Postby twinkletot » Sun Sep 06, 2009 7:22 pm

I have;

3 x Bububebe
3 X GM's
1 x PP
1 x WAHM
8 fitteds

2 x PP
1 x WN
3 AI2

3 x BG's
1 x Fuzzi
6 x GK's
4 x UD's
3 x WN's
1 x PBPD
2 x BB
2 x Neppula
1 x Cuddly bubs
23 Pockets

Night nappies
3 x Stuffies
3 NN

1 x Imse Vimse
1 x Debbies nappies fleece soaker
2 x WN
2 x UD
2 x Nappy Elite
8 wraps

OMG I have 37 nappies :shock: :shock: . I didn't realise I had so many :giggle: . To be fair though some of these are on order/being made :hohoho:

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Re: Your stashes

Postby littlesez » Sun Sep 06, 2009 7:23 pm

Mine is really small!

10 little lambs cotton size 1
5 bamboozles size 22
3 itti bitti
1 weenotionss one size
1 iish fly M
1 blueberry side snap M
1 lollipop pop and gro oone size
1 upsy daisy one size
2 upsy daaiy night nappies M
5 little lambs wraps size 1
2 tots bots wraps 1 and 2
4 wool soakers homemade by MIL

To sell :(
1 blueberry side snap small
3 cotton tots bots
6 NB wraps cotton bottoms

Waiting on! too excited
2 weenotions side snap
2 bumgenious
1 iish fly

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Re: Your stashes

Postby cat27m » Sun Sep 06, 2009 7:29 pm

I love threads like this!! :giggle:

I currently have:

1 LL Cotton
1 LL Bamboo
1 FS Muttaqin
1 Flowerpot Tots

Pockets / AI2's
1 WN AI2
1 Patchwork UDSS
1 Daisy Fuzzi
1 GK Minkytimes

Night Nappies

5 ME Airflow
3 WN

1 BnB Soaker
1 NKFN Soaker
1 Babylonglegs Crops

On the way
3 UD Inserts
1 Bedbug
1 BnB Longies
1 Granny Made Longies!
1 Mummy Made Crops!

I think that's it!!

Cathleen xx

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Re: Your stashes

Postby flutterby » Sun Sep 06, 2009 8:25 pm

OK Ive updated my blog list, but thought I'd post here too!!

AI2s (they should be easy don't have many) 10

Red Itti
Pale pink itti
Fuschia Itti
Peppermint Itti
Jade Itti
Strawberry Fields Itti
Purple Iish Fitzall with dragonfly applique
Hot pink WN with leaves embroidery
FF AI2 prototype
lavender fields berry plush

Night nappies (hopefully won't be too hard to remember) 13

tequila sunrise bedbug
dreamy bedbug
pumpkinhead bedbug
lagoon bedbug
bamboo outer WNNN
aqua flower circles WNNL
caterpillar dots WNNL
orange bamboo BBH
pink bamboo BBH
pink BG V2
Yellow BG V2 with pink snaps
Iish nite
purple ooga WNNN with grape aid minkee inner

Not in use (Outgrown/to grow into) 7

Owls baby bufter
black slinki minki with tigger embroidery
bamboo outer WNNN
emerald BBSS x2
tanzanite BBSS
caterpillar dots minnie O pocket
Lots of XL wraps

WN Pockets 14

Triple cut with bee and bloom
white with paisley butterfly circle
pink with whimisical wings
hot pink and turquoise half cut
white with cherry blossom
half cut pink dotty and white dotty with paisley butterfly, and personalisation
aurora minkee with cherry blossom
sorbet minkee, with fairy and swirls
purple with dragonfly circle
black with skull and crossbones
halfcut hot pink and cow print with cow embroidery
half cut brown tiedye and cream with tree and hedgehog embroidery
rainbow, personalised
Lagoon with peacock embroidery

Other pockets 11

Red daisy fuzzi
chocolate fudge brownie UDSS
emerald BBSS
sapphire BBSS
tanzanite BBSS
fire opal BBSS
ruby BBSS
zebra BBSS
pink on choc BBSS
pink choc and sage BBSS
pink camo BBSS

Fitteds (this is where it gets hard) 16

pink hearts JR
pink and blue JR
purple/pink/orange HO
rainbow LHC x2
pink/green LHC
pink lemonade sweetiebum
blue/green sweetiebum
black/navy/purple sweetibum
rose SBOV SS
sage SBOV SS
whimsy goodmama
pink/red/orange FF
Apples dunk n fluff
Aviary dunk n fluff
Pixie dust muttaquin baby

Skirties & soakers 11

eternal flame pixie knits skirtie
rainbow pixie knits skirty
scrappy little hippy knits skirty
peace smartypants skirty
pastel nikkis knittings skirty
temptuous poppets hearts tutu soaker
yellow/orange dip dye soaker
3 pixie knit soakers
granny knit soaker

Crops & shorties 9

reds NKFK shorties
pink/brown shorties
scrappy pixie kint crops
pastel crochet flowerpot tots crops
pastel rainbow pixie knit crops
dunk and fluff khaki crops with flower embroidery
pink crochet flowerpot tots shorties
chocolate candy soaring sheep shorties
pink dunk n fluff shorties with flower embroidery

Longies 10

Flutterby pixie knits x2
pink/burgandy/lime pixie knits
purple/green pixie knits
lollypop soaring sheep
Hatuvalla brown with orange flower
pink/green dip dyed
orange/red cashmere
fyberspates red knitted by Frances
Purple/black/pink with owl embellishment

70 nappies and 30 woollies :shock: :shock:
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Re: Your stashes

Postby littlesez » Sun Sep 06, 2009 8:29 pm

I am so jealous of everyones fluff why am i so skint its not fair! i really want to try some flutterby fluff ! and whats wnnl that seems popular too


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