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Re: Oooops

Postby megansmummy » Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:16 am

Im not waiting on much...mat pay runs out in december so i need to get saving pennies for when im officially poor :cry:

Waiting on~
Longies from pixie knits
pre-loved lanavida longies
pre-loved pixie knit crops
My nan is making me some longies out of pixie knit yarn

Thats it...need to start christmas shopping :)

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Re: Oooops

Postby emmalala » Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:27 am

Im waiting on
a pre-loved ruby BBSS
pre- loved tots bots
pre-loved swaddlebees and other nappy, not sure what it was called!
a muttaquin and little lamb set
and a baby beehind
some lanolin and clothes from adams

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Re: Oooops

Postby happytails » Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:30 am

I have bursts too, last one was about two weeks ago :oops: but must be good now as we are doing our new housey up and funds really dont allow for nappy splurges just yet - thank god xmas is coming up! :giggle:

Waiting on,

1 FF fitted
1 Puddlekins OS
1 UD fitted
2 DnF Fitteds
1 pair of pixie knit crops
1 pair of little hippie knit longies
1 pair of bibs and bots crocheted longies
2 pairs of scrunchylegs

Need to order soon,

3/4 WNSS L sr
a new style WNNN or two :giggle:
skirtie with leggings
puddlekins silent nights
puddlekins SS fitted

Dont think im waiting on anything non nappy related except a bathroom suite and a new DG window :giggle:

Sarah xxx

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Re: Oooops

Postby sarahlou » Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:00 am

I always have such a short list compared to all of you :giggle:

1 puddlekins
2 Dunk & Fluff
6 Bububebe
All new :wine:

Non nappy I have spent £1300 on new furniture and kids clothes from Next :oops: and £140 on 6 rolls of wallpaper for the living room and bedroom. Also spent about £100 on kids autumn/winter stuf fin town last week :oops:

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Re: Oooops

Postby paintedclaws » Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:15 am

I have bursts of buying too, This one has lasted three months though. :giggle:

2 Tempestuous Poppet skirties (Old rose which is on the needles now and Avon)
Tempestuous Poppet longies (Big Bang, finished but waiting on the others)
Tempestuous Poppet crops (Orchid)
3 pairs of PK longies (2 custom and rustic)
2 Pixiehat sets
Woollywumpkins longies (being dyed)
Woollywumpkins skirtie (on the needles, i think)
Woollywumpkins crochet longies (being dyed)
2 pairs of BDazzlers longies (being dyed, yay)
RainbowWaters longies
RainbowWaters shorties set

GM from a huge co-op
4 HL bedbugs (sent last week)
2 HL fitteds (sent last week)
WNSS for Poppy
Custom list for PBPD (end of October i think)
Plus at least 2 HL bedbugs to be ordered
2 Monkeyfoot wetbags - Apples and Pears fabric

Hollow Oak Chickadee dress and top for Poppy (being sent today)
Hollow Oak obv skirt for Harmony (being sent today)
Hollow Oak top for Harmony (being sent today)
Linnea designs hoodie for Noah
Linnea designs hoodie dress for Poppy

Northen Essence pre-order from bumsNroses (hoping it arrives soon), Clear Hills Honey smellies, and another order from NE for xmas pressies.

I think thats everything at the moment. So my list is getting shorter.

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Re: Oooops

Postby jules070603 » Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:26 am

jules070603 wrote:Not much really,

2 x medium daisy fuzzis preloved.
2 x small dunk and fluff
2 x Holdens Landing (not paid for yet though). A bed bug and a tri tone.

1 x scrunchylegs
1 x linnea designs bamboo top for me
ELC order (activity centre thing for Immy and dino racing track for Zach)
1 x Felt Fusion wall hanging for a christening present.


Custom Pixie Knits longies - October
Possible A-squared LS tops custom - October???

I really need to consider a christmas dress for Imogen too, need to get on a custom list I think but not decided what yet :-?

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Re: Oooops

Postby flutterby » Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:38 am

tanya2007 wrote:I'm like you Hanna and buy in bursts. This one has lasred a little longer than usual :giggle:

My burst hasn't finished, I'm sitting here thinking ooooo what can I buy next!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Oooops

Postby Velvetsteph » Tue Sep 08, 2009 11:58 am

Well my list has got a little shorter - lovely WNSS to borrow from Hanna
My luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurvely smelling GurdonyaToo order which smells DIVINE!
And a bra from figleaves...

Velvetsteph wrote:Hoookay lets see now...

4 Dunk 'n' Fluffs
4 Upsydaisy SS pockets
1 Puddlekins SS
1 Guerilla fluff
2 Holdens Landings fitteds
1 Skirtie with leggings from Pixieknits
Tester crops for Grace and longies for Isabelle from Luscious Little Somethings

Puddlekins stoff stuff
Figleaves Bra
Bamboo fabric and nappy on loan ;)
Luuuuurvely smellies from GudonyaToo (etsy seller)
Crochet'd booties and slippers for Grace and Isabelle from someone on another forum
Snap pliers and kam snaps from ebay... :roll: :giggle:

Oh deary deary me!!

Isabelle wants to type :roll:


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Re: Oooops

Postby twinkletot » Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:39 pm

indigosky2k wrote:My Paypal verification :giggle: I've got 3 people holding stuff for me just now :wink: as PP are taking there own sweet time about it :roll:
So I've got on hold 2 medium WNSS
1 m/l UDSS
and a P'tits Dessous insert.

I've got in transit:
6 BN Itti's that are a replacement for some that RM lost. I've been waiting 6 weeks for these now :x replacements were only sent out last week.
A pre-loved Pretty In Pink Itti
A pre-loved yellow fuzzi
And a few bits of clothes.

And today I am going to pick up my gorgeous MT that is sat in the local sorting office all lonely :giggle:

I've also got a basket full of WN mummy fluff and SSs, but can't make up my mind on embrodery :roll: :giggle:

So quite modest I think :giggle:

Don't forget your ittis too :giggle: .

I am waiting on:
2 x UDSS
2 x UD wraps
1 x WN wrap
2 x WNSS
1 X Twinkle lilly

1 xfuzzi
1 x berry plush

I THINK thats it.


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