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Re: Oooops

Postby vampiredreams » Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:40 pm

oh dear I have just ordered 2 Mutts as well :shock:

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Re: Oooops

Postby rachelinscotland » Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:40 pm

Think I'm on a spending spree at the moment! :oops: Bad influence here! :evil: :giggle:

Just bought Clement a pair of preloved rainbow longies and 2 bamboo Babybeehinds.

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Re: Oooops

Postby Velvetsteph » Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:36 pm

Aaargh why do the weeks pass so slowly!! I need my weenotions and upsydaisy and dunk'n'fluff orders NOW! :giggle: :giggle:

4 Dunk 'n' Fluffs
4 Upsydaisy SS pockets
1 Puddlekins SS
1 Guerilla fluff
2 Holdens Landings fitteds
Tester crops for Grace and longies for Isabelle from Luscious Little Somethings
1 pre-loved medium Prestonpants pocket
1 pre-loved medium JR

Puddlekins stoff stuff
Crochet'd booties and slippers for Grace and Isabelle from someone on another forum
Snap pliers and kam snaps from ebay... :roll: :giggle:

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Re: Oooops

Postby megansmummy » Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:48 pm

Im waiting for/have bought this week~

1 M/L bedbug (pre-loved) (recieved)
monkey farts wool wash (recieved)
shea butter bum cubes (recieved)
1 new HL bedbug from jabula nappies!! :wine:
1 natural bamboo BBH
1 blue bamboo BBH
1 ecobubs
yarn from pixie knits (going straight to my nans so i dont get the fluffy joy from this one :( )
custom longies from Pixie knits
2 pairs of nana knitted longies with PK yarn!
1 pickle paints custom lion t-shirt!

I want a WCW soaker or longies from bums n roses too :roll:

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Re: Oooops

Postby Annette » Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:01 pm

Annette wrote:I am actually waiting for a few things. But most are essentials that I have saved money on by buying pre-loved :wink:

PBPD from Sukhi
Coat for Ben from Louise
Coat for Charlotte from Frances
Shoes for Ben from Hayley
Top appliqued by Rae
Bracelets for me and Charlotte from Pickle Paints
New Mei Tai and bag

Think that is enough for now :D

Well lets see
PBPD - arrived
Coat from Louise - arrived
Coat from Frances - at depot :roll:
Shoes from Hayley - at depot I think :roll: :roll:
Top from Rae - arrived
Bracelets from pickle Paints - arrived
Mei Tai and bag - on it's way

So now I am just waiting on some more things :giggle:
Some Dylon
A new mirror keyring as I broke mine (oh no 7 years bad luch :evil: ) and I like to be able to see if Ben is asleep
New swim nappy for Ben
Top for Charlotte
Some clothes for Charlotte from ebay
Some pretty buttons
A new "pound for life" as my keyring broke and they are handy at Aldi and the swimming pool
A dress for me from ebay

Looks like I have had a bit of a splurge and it has helped to write it all down, I had forgotton some of it!

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Sucker for Cloth Nappies

Re: Oooops

Postby bryc1 » Wed Sep 16, 2009 6:05 pm

1 Puddlekins cotton sherpa NN- changed to day nappy dispatched
1 Puddlekins solo - dispatched
1 preloved penguin WNNL
3 FF M day- 1 arrived
1 new HL day shipped on 6 Aug still not here
1 preloved M/L HL- arrived
1 preloved FF L day- arrived
2 med Dunk and Fluff from co-op
2 small Dunk and Fluff from co-op
2 M UDNN soy
1 preloved M/L bedbugs
1 parrot m/l bedbug
1 preloved sm standard minki- arrived
1 preloved shorties- arrived
tester interlock longies
3 preloved udss med- arrived
3 bububebe
1 HO night nappy

tops,pjs and dresses for Roxy- arrived
My DH to get wheels sorted for his car, agreed we would put on credit card 3 wksago and he still hasn't so using my car which I do need as Ty's playgroup too far to walk to be back in time to get Tash so have been relying on friend

Added onto list when meant to being good :oops:

cloth breast pads
preloved pixie knits skirtie
medium ecobubs
BV trousers for Roxy

but in my defense I have said no to things aswell :giggle:


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