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Cloth Nappy Ninky Nonk

Postby Annette » Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:55 pm

I always leave mine soaking overnight as I usually think about it too late to do much else! :lol: But I do have more than one so that helps.

You could try putting them on a very light spin in the machine to get rid of some moisture. Once they have stopped dripping I then hang them on a radiator hanging thingy to speed up drying.

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Cloth Nappy Clanger

Postby Velvetsteph » Tue Dec 11, 2007 9:00 pm

getsetgo wrote:With regards to temperature at night its about 16 degrees in his room at the moment so would just a wool wrap and no bottoms inside a 2.5 tog gro bag be ok? i have been debating getting some wool longies but can't find any colours I like and like nappies there are so many too choose from! any recommendations?

I would say it wouldn't be warm enough but you could always pop a cotton blanket over his legs - that's what I do with Isabelle...

Recommendations are:
I have several pairs of these and love them! Babylonglegs: *www.babylonglegs.co.uk (or you can buy here also as I can't seem to get her site to work! *http://www.puddlepants.co.uk/babylonglegs.php )
Pixie Knits are just gorgeous: *http://www.pixieknits.mumzmall.co.uk/

Both of them will do custom dyes for you too if you can't see the colours you like!

Also how long is the least time you can leave things soaking in lanolin and still get the desired result! I am sure the bottle says a few hours, I have been leaving overnight but by the time they are dry as well it takes about 3-4 days which means I have to use disposables

I would say 24hrs is best...
I gently squeeze mine having got them out of the water and the wrap in a towel to squeeze the water out and (take out of the towel then obviously) dry flat - maximum 48hours there, they shouldn't be taking that long to dry!

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Postby getsetgo » Wed Dec 12, 2007 9:00 pm

Ok, I have relanolised my disana pants and they are now drying!

I have also bought some big weeds to help with the boosting, last night I put him in a fuzzi bunz with a cotton booster, microfibre insert and a stuffin in the back and he went the whole night with no leaks, amazing lol Was expecting some sort of leak especially as he had a disposable on the night before and was wet through the next morning.

I have also been really naughty, I have had a spending spree :shock: and bought a pair of puddlepants longies and also a pair of woolywrap longies to help with the pj bottoms problem, from what I have read these will be ok as a wrap when lanolised and will keep him warm as well, I also spotted a lovely bubble grobag which fits into a buggy like the one he already has so had to buy that as well. just added up everything I have bought in the last week or so and its over £250!! Can't believe it, the addiction is back lol

Thanks everyone for the help and advice will let you know how I get on!


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