Fed up with my stash

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Re: Fed up with my stash

Postby joeli » Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:47 am

Thanks everyone for the help. I should clairify that I'm not at all fed up with using cloth. I love it and even though we are having a few issues, we had far more issues the times we tried to use sposies. We recently went on vacation and thought we'd try sposies at night and we got leaks every single night. At least with cloth we're only getting leaks every now and then. I think part of the problem is that all our cloth nappies are clean and dry at the moment so I'm overwhelmed with how much we have. (Not nearly as much as some of you though, probably something like 30 nappies).

The pockets we have are BGs (stuffed with BBOS insert) which are working well, Happy Heinys OS which fit great but are quite wide and so haven't found a good insert for them and I think that's why we're getting leaks with them, and a Nature Babies OS stuffable which is my favourite of all the pockets--don't think it's ever leaked.

My other dilemma is that Leo is 18lbs but still on the tightest setting on his size 1 sandies, and with the HHs we still cross over the tabs all the way (which is why the fit is so good). However with Pop-ins, they're almost bursting at the waist. Very confusing.

Claire--I had no idea I could order WNNN with my voucher!! You've just made my day as I've been wanting to try one of those. Thank you so much for the offer but with the snow I don't think I'll be able to make it to Hindley tomorrow.

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Re: Fed up with my stash

Postby Cadiva » Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:41 pm

joeli wrote: However with Pop-ins, they're almost bursting at the waist. Very confusing.

Are these the Modern Baby PopIns? The ones that come in yellow, green, blue and white? I'm just asking as I use these with James and he's 21 months and about 24lbs and they fit him really well.
Probably going to be an obvious question and I apologise in advance for it, but have you unpoppered the rise on them (as I'm guessing they're the one size ones?) so you're getting the full length of nappy to play with?

I would also recommend some Easy Peasy hemp boosters, as well as some Babeco bamboo inserts (which you can get from Little Pants Nappys http://littlepants.co.uk/ which will make a difference to your pocket nappies.
For night time we use specific night time nappies now with either wool or with Nature Babies, Little Lambs or Wee Notions wraps over the top.
I have Dunk n Fluff, Holden's Landing, Hollow Oak, Jimmy Riddles, Piddle Poddles, Puddlekins, Goodmamas, Muttaqins, BubuBebe and Wee Notions Northern Lights and Night Notions which we use.


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