Newborn nappies

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Newborn nappies

Postby weefywoo » Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:18 am

I know it's really early to be thinking about this but what are good nappies for newborns? Aoife was in dispicables and with Imogen I used tots cotton size 1 ... Until I found here :giggle:
The tots did the job but were very bulky and I found that their wraps wicked at the legs constantly, I know that I'm not going down the tots route again so any suggestions will be fab :D

eta... No doubt a silly Q but can I use wool for a newborn? :oops:

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Re: Newborn nappies

Postby eviesmummy » Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:26 am

Oooh yummy newborn nappies - no point in saying Im not jealous because I am :giggle: I used prefolds for Evie, but have seen lots of recommendations for the Swaddlebees organic cotton velour newborn nappies - they are so cute and if they are as good as the one size I had, they will be so soft too. Cant see why you couldnt use wool on a newborn, I suppose there may be wicking issues if baby is laid in one position for too long, but an absorbant nappy should sort that out (I would think :-? )

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Re: Newborn nappies

Postby megansmummy » Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:27 am

Yes for woolies on newborn...gorgeous!! :wink: Although allow for the inevitable poop explosions and rapid growth...

We used~
Little lambs bamboo 1's
XS and S sandies
XS and S thirsties
XS and S prefolds
Diddy diapers
bamboo lovables

Wraps we used were XS and S ME airflow and rikkis (i dont like rikkis tho and dont think i would use them again), XS and S thirstie...these were FAB!

If we go for a #3 then i would like~
Little lambs bamboo 1's
XS and S sandies
XS and S thirsties
S DnF's
S Swaddlebee's, the ones with the snap down fronts...


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Re: Newborn nappies

Postby tanya » Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:45 am

Here's what I have collected together for #2. I obviously don't have any experience using any of them on a newborn (Bella was in despicables for 6 weeks), so I don't know how well they are going to work. I'm still undecided about wool for the really tiny newborn phase as they grow sooo quickly and finances won't allow me to replace them on a very regular basis, so we might stick to PUL for a while and then use wool when he gets a bit bigger.

Anyway, the list :widesmile:

In the loft:
5 x size 1 Bamboozles
3 x size 1 Cotton Tots
2 x Sml Fuzzies

In stash pile:
2 x Size 0 Kissaluvs (pre-loved)
2 x xs Fuzzies (pre-loved)
2 x xs Thirsties (pre-loved)
3 x xs sandies (pre-loved)
1 x Sage NB SBOV (preloved)
3 x size 0 Bimbles (new)
2 x size 0 Bimbles (pre-loved)
1 x xs DnF (Elliott Elephant) (preloved)
S LHC (John Lennon print) (pre-loved)
S JR (Blue Pandas) (pre-loved)
3 x s sandies (pre-loved)
1 x nb Flutterby Fluff (new) :mrgreen:
1 x sml Puddlekins SS (Iced Giraffes) (preloved)
1 x Unknown sml nappy (preloved)
1 x s DNF (Multi hearts) (preloved)

Newborn wool soaker - NKFN
Medium wool soaker - MooBoo Baby
3 x xs ME wraps (pre-loved)
3 x s ME wraps (pre-loved)
1 x s Tanzanite Blueberry wrap (new)
1 x s Sapphire Blueberry wrap (new)
1 x size 1 Red Rap (new)

On their way:
2 x size 1 Diddy Diapers (pre-loved)
2 x sml JR Fleece-in-twos (preloved)
3 x small fluff and stuff, 2 natural both with blue poppers and a blue dyed one (preloved)
2 x size 0 bambeasies (popper ones only) (preloved)
1x small JR elliot elephant (preloved)
1 x size one blue OBV night time Hollow oak (preloved)

In the pipeline (co-ops):
1 x s FnS (Owls on the line) (new)
1 x s FnS (Frogs driving) (new)
1 x size 1 HO night nappy (new)

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Re: Newborn nappies

Postby Louise » Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:51 pm

If I was having another baby my NB stash would be made up of

bimbles and bambeasies
diddy diapers
xs sandies
nb sbovs
s JRs
nb HOs
xs DnFs
nb FnSs

I'd probably get a few wool soakers and longies/shorties depending on when LO was due and some fleece. I can't stand PUL wraps now so probably wouldn't get any.

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Re: Newborn nappies

Postby Aliandmilly » Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:14 pm

Glad you posted this thread as im trying to stash up but not much clue on what to buy lol!! So far all ive got is

4 diddy diapers
4 bimbles

3 small bumgenius AIO (on the way)

2 motherease wraps
1 WN wrap
1 Upsy Disy wrap (on the way)

Really confused as to what you get so you ladies are very helpful to me too :) xx

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Cloth Nappy Worshipper

Re: Newborn nappies

Postby lazylexis » Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:23 pm

We started using cloth on nathan at about 2 weeks old.stashed away now i have
S and XS sandies
S and XS JR
XS thirsties
Bimbles x 16
Bamboo Little lambs
S and XS rikki wraps
S little kiwi wraps

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Re: Newborn nappies

Postby flutterby » Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:27 pm

With Summer we used NB SBOV, WNSS, fuzzis (S&XS) 40cm bamboo terries, BGOS, BBOS, BBSS, ittis I think that's it

:oops: :oops: :oops: So far this time I have not much more to get, alot of it is lsft over from Summer, I will be getting a couple of DnF and HLs, and some WNs wraps and maybe a WNOS oh and wool, lots of wool, all the wool I have at the mo is girly as it's Summers, she outgrew it when I knew I was PG so thought I may as well keep it, if it turns out to be a boy I can sell it! (I've classed S ittis as XS and M ittis as S just to confuse matters)

Jade itti
Purple itti
6x diddy diapers to be dyed
5x fuzzis
2x sandies
Pink thirsy (to be dyed)
Aqua thirsty
Sage swaddlebee
Natural swaddlebee
Serged FF
Winter scene JR
Marble dyed LHC
red/orange/yellow HO
rainbow knit FnS

Emerald BBSS
Firestorm berryplush
Blue tie dye UDSS
hot pink and turquoise half cut WNSS
Moo Moo itti
Chocolate itti
Turquoise itti
Yellow itti
Red Daisy Fuzzi
FF AI2 prototype
Red/orange FF
caterpillar dots minnie O pocket
blues/purples HO NN
rainbow LWI FnS

Purple Iish Fitzall with dragonfly applique
pink BG V2
Yellow BG V2 with pink snaps
Lilac velour mutt with elephant applique
aurora minkee wnos with cherry blossom
whimsy goodmama

Covers (wool, fleece and PUL)
XS blue cuddlesoft WN wrap
Sapphire BB wrap
Tanzanite BB wrap
Naturebabies multiwrap - orange flowers
Naturebabies multiwrap - pink camo
Lilac snugglebots fleece soaker
burgundy/ pink LWI bugaboo bottoms interlock soaker
Flutterby pixie knits longies
Hatuvalla brown with orange flower longies
pink/green dip dyed longies
orange cashmere longies
pastel rainbow pixie knit crops
yellow/orange dip dye soaker
peace smartypants skirty

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Re: Newborn nappies

Postby Natalie » Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:12 am

Im going to mainly use cotton tots and prefolds on the baby with the exception of the odd fancy nappy but have a nice medium stash growing :giggle:


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