Finally out of fsot for a bit!

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Finally out of fsot for a bit!

Postby moomi_mama » Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:51 am

Hi mamas, i am very new to cloth and i'm slowly finding my way round---how many different types are there :-? !
anyway my name is kate and i'm mummy to my twp beautiful girls, Molly who is 3 (4 next month :shock: ) and Mia who is 14 months and a new cloth bum!
my first expereince of cloth nappies (well technically my second but i dont remember the first!) was with my brother. he is 16 years younger than me and my dad and his then wife had him in cloth. they were a plasticy like outer (wrap?) and a piece of cloth that was folded into 3 then put inside. they put the dirty nappies in a big plastic bin outside and once a week it was collected and replaced with however many they needed for the next week-- all for £5! so my dad has been really positive about cloth but my mum has been a bit 'oh have you not got enough to wash??' having said that my dad never washed a cloth nappy so maybe thats why! :hohoho:
you can imagine my shock when i realised how many differnt types of nappies there was -----the choice!
so we are part time at the min as we have 2 bumgenius flip outers and 7 inners. mia is a wee monster so we go through them fast. also i haven't tried her at night yet. maybe a bit selfishly but i work 7pm-11pm and shes been really unsettled recently so i don't want to give her more reasons to wake through the night!
since i went back to work i've cut down on :bf: (sorry really wanted to use that and i prob won't again!) as df settles her at night so shes has a lot of upheaval recently so i'm hoping her sleep settles soon :waiting:
i've been given some nappies to try out--kooshies? so maybe they'd work for night? i've also bought a Rikki(?) not entirely sure what that is though! so waiting for that. i've ordered 2 bamboo inserts from the lady who i got the flips from (local council voucher scheme) and i even cut up an old fleece blanket for liners! get me getting into it.
my mum is a bit baffled by me these days. with Moll i parented as i was supposed to apart from bfing but i stopped at 3 months. this time i babywear and breastfeed and now i'm into cloth??! i'm actually stopping breadtfeeding this weekend. its going to be really difficult but i know its the right decision for me and i'd be like this anytime but :cry:
anywyas thats me
oh and where would i get nappies with the very hungry catterpiller on them? i want!

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