Thinning stash help

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Thinning stash help

Postby helenNt » Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:50 am

Need to thin my stash but don't know what to get rid of. This is what I have


11 bg's
5 bg's aio.
1 fuzzibunz medium
1 baby kanga (works well but we do get wing droop with it, not sure if worth selling as doubt I will even get a couple of pounds as I have no insert for it)
2WNSS (one of these I am having problems with but it is gorgeous)
1 WNA12 (get a similar problem with this as the wnss)
1WNNL (doesn't get used much at the moment but hope to use when I've built up wool)
2 fluffles
1 Tots bots easy fit
1 Little Lamb bamboo

1 UDNN bamboo
1 UDNN soy (too big at the minute)
2 Hollow oak
3 M/L Holdens landing (2 new but 1 of the new ones would be happy to part with not keen on the colours)
2 Toddler Holden's Landing (have another on the way)
1 WNNN old style
1 WNNN new.

Just not sure what to do. Should I get rid of the ones that don't seem to work for us or keep them on the hope I can find the right combination of inserts for them. The night nappies all are ok apart from the udnn soy which is too big but all are really wet so think I need to get him more absorbent ones. I changed him last night only a short time after putting a wnnn on and it was already wet on the outside.

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Re: Thinning stash help

Postby gilbertandmartha » Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:01 pm

its funny you should say that about a wnnn - as soon as my two have a wee (usually as soon as i put them on) the outside is damp. But they last the whole night? Mine are cotton outers, maybe thats the problem?

As for the stash thinning? its a hard one, I got rid of some stuff that would probably fit now, but I needed to get rid of it to fund stuff that worked better. Its tricky

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