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Postby clothmama » Tue Apr 17, 2007 1:34 pm

Sorry as you may have guessed I'm having a bit of a nightmare with Louis, currently feeding him some fruit in highchair so may have 2 mins if lucky!!

The minkis are generously sized. the slinki is slightly smaller in fet and the velro doen't cross over at the front making it a big slimmer too. As pp said stuffing with hemp will give best absorbancy for slimmest fit. If you got a medium it may not fit her at all and if it did you would need to buy the large anyway soon. Its will seem a bit big but as its night it doesn't really matter for clothes etc. If the large fits from 18 and she is nearly 22 I wouldn't think the large will be too big at all.

If you are making your bobosters yourself a metre of hemp (£8 ) will do around 8 boosters so works out really cheap, yes a bit more than terry but soooo much better. I just made mine with hemp and then fold a mf cloth in thirds(89p for 3 at tescos) over the top before inserting to give the quick absorbtion. for night 6 layers of hemp and the3 thin mf layers is really thin, about 1.5cm I'd say and that does Louis the night and he is quite a heavy wetter. If I only have 4 layers of hemp then I need the mf cloth plus 3 layers of terry which gives a much bulkier nappy. Hope this gives you some idea of the diff in absorbancy. for the extra coupel of quid I'd go hemp! I had a peice of hemp left that I still haven't got around to actually sewing and it hasn't frayed (been washing since xmas), its quite big and folds nicely into 6 layers to go in a night nappy, the only thing that has ahppened is the edges have rolled a bit. Terry does fray. My wipes are all just fleece and they can be cut and go no sewing.

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Cloth Nappy Passionata

Postby HannahBanana » Tue Apr 17, 2007 3:20 pm

Thanks Tory & Joanne,

PMSL Tory your first answer made me laugh! "it's not working" lol! thought you were on the G&T already! haha

That's been really helpful thank you! Tory I'm still confused about how many boosters for night time though as it sound slike you have LOADS! Erin only has the fuzzi insert in the day so maybe won't need as much as that. who knows! only one way to find out!

Joanne that made sense about the sewing three sides bit thank you.

This Mircofibre stuff form tesco sounds a bargain will go search online now.

Right I'd best get shopping!

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Cloth Nappy Nutter

Postby Ruth » Tue Apr 17, 2007 3:44 pm

Hi Hannah, I know I am as new to this as you, but I started with nights remember. You know I hate my night nappies :lol: and am currently in search of a new one!!! Jack is quite a heavy wetter at night I have found and tbh I think I need to use a mf booster as well as a hemp. So I would have 4 layers of hemp (looped booster) and then a mf insert too. I am going to try that tonight. I agree with Joanne that if you are boosting you will probably not find it too big. HTH even if it is from a novice! xxx


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