has anyone used fuzzis as a wrap before?

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has anyone used fuzzis as a wrap before?

Postby angiepangie2809 » Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:43 pm

Hi. i was wondfering if anyone else had used fuzzis as a wrap before over a fitted nappy?
Reason i am asking is i have 23 large fuzzis sat here that i bought when i thought ethan was going to outgrow his mediums..then he thinned out and the larges are still mahoussive on him and probably wont ever fit him.

so i had been wondering if i should just sell them on and then a few weeks ago i put ethan in a bamboo little lamb which is the only fitted nappy i have here apart from his wnnn's and i realised all of my fleece soakers were in the wash so out of desperation i chucked on one of the large fuzzis over the top and it was fabby!

Ive been doing it on a regular basis now and its becoming a huge hit here.
I normaly use pockets...bg v2's and fuzzis but i adore the bamboo little lambs and the fuzzi pockets work a treat over the top...i am well impressed!

Just wanted to share my little find! :giggle:

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