So how many nappies

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Re: So how many nappies

Postby Claire » Sun Apr 13, 2008 11:51 am

Hmmmm, maybe this will scare me into jumping on the wagon! These are the ones we have that fit. There are lots that are now too small but I can't bring myself to sell and I've also got a big bag full of pre-loved ready in the next size up :oops: :oops: . Such is my shopping addiction!

10 bumgenius
4 fuzzis
6 greenkids anytimes
4 itti bittis
2 blueberries
and waiting for 2 pocket-bots

2 bumhuggers
3 bambeasies
3 bambineos

Actually, I'm pleasantly surprised. That doesn't look too bad does it, the perfect reason to buy some more! Think I'm going to get a couple more bumhuggers and the new minkytimes are out tomorrow :roll: :roll: :twisted: :twisted:

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Re: So how many nappies

Postby buzzybee21 » Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:09 pm

Happily I can't say for sure because I can't open my nappy spreadsheet at the mo but here's a list of stuff we use...
8x bumbles
2x clwt twt - really like these for fitteds, and wahm too
4x cotton tots bots
1x Jimmy Riddles - lush!

11x Wee notions no frills pockets (:oops:)
2x Wee notions frilly pockets
1x nature babies stuffables - OK but there are better
1x pocket bot
2x Berry Plush ai2
1x Lucy's Hope Chest ai2
1x unknown wahm ai2
3x Itti bitti d'lish
1x nattynapnap
1x brand new starbunz pocket

5x wraps
5x longies & shorties

and 6 terry squares!

So I loves my weenotions as you can tell. Also really like pocket bots even tho I only have one. For fitteds, I would look at clwt twt, jimmy riddles and baby bufters. I am also looking at upsy daisy now they are poppered. :D

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Re: So how many nappies

Postby pinkydinkydoo » Sun Apr 13, 2008 8:52 pm

This is gonna really freak me out as i have far too many nappies scattered around the house :oops: :)
4 weenotions
4 mommys touch
2 tiny tush
3 upsy daisy
4 home made

7 cotton tots bots
2 bamboozles
3 fluffles
1 cya organic
1 little beetle
2 kiwi kwik flip
2 kwik flip lite
12 me one size
3 bamboo sandys
4 one life
2 bumhuggers
1 little lamb bamboo
1 little lamb microfiber
2 home made

1 weenotions
8 home made
1 fleece kiwi takai
4 cotton kiwi takai

2 pairs of pixie knits crops

I know ther is more but i'm not going to go looking as that list seems long enough to me :lol:


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