What's in your changing bag?!

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What's in your changing bag?!

Postby beaubelle » Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:46 pm

Just a question, to see if I am the only person that seems to carry luggage instead of a changing bag!!

If I am travelling away for the day, I have to carry a separate wet bag, which I load with:
1) as many nappies and wraps as I'll need,
2) fleece liners,
3) reusable wipes,
4) facecloths (only thing that properly dries ds's bum for me for some reason!! :giggle: )

In my main changing bag, I carry:
1) 3 or 4 dispos for dh/grandparents as back up
2) 3 vests, 2 babygros,
3) spare pair of trousers and top
4)bibs x 1,000,000000000000000000
5) barrier cream, caldesene powder
6) suncream
7) teetha granules
8) soothers
9) changing mat

Then in my handbag I end up carrying socks, snacks, bottles, gaviscon, other random baby paraphernalia and my own stuff!

Am I going way OTT?! I can never find anything either. My changing bag is small in size, so I always end up needing a second bag. What size changing bags do you ladies use? I seem to lug a huge cargo of stuff everywhere I go!

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Re: What's in your changing bag?!

Postby megansmummy » Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:53 pm

You do take way more stuff that I have ever taken but it would depend how long i was planning to be out for...

I always have~
anti bac hand gel
barier cream
spare nappy (with fleece liner inside)
Spare outfit for Kieren
spare undies and trousers for megan

If we are going further than town/school run then i add~
2-3 extra nappies (again depending where im going/how long i will be)

Thats probably it...

I use the pram bag that came with my Jane pram and i love it :)

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Re: What's in your changing bag?!

Postby Caroline » Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:55 pm

I don't take spare clothes, just the usual drinks/snacks/nappies.

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Re: What's in your changing bag?!

Postby Kirstyh » Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:56 pm

:shock: I have always travelled light then
When Gracie was in nappies I usually had a couple of nappies, wipes, keys, phone, lipgloss :wink: usually a box or 2 of raisins and that was it, oh and my purse. Now I carry, purse, keys, lipgloss and for some reason now I have a pair of her pants, don't even know how they got in there, oh and I have a little ball :-?

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Re: What's in your changing bag?!

Postby little1 » Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:00 pm

I take:

however many nappies i need with paper liners already inside
1 babygro
2 bibs
An empty bottle and carton of ready made formula
A couple of toys
1 wetbag
1 pack of wet wipes
sunscreen/ hat (wishful thinking)

That's it hun, have never really needed anymore than this. I keep a couple of sposies in the glovebox of the car.
I only have a small changing bag and can fit all DD's stuff plus my purse, keys, makeup etc in just fine.

I used to take a spare set of day clothes as well as a babygro but decided it's not so bad if she has to wear a babygro for a couple of hours if her clothes get dirty.

Why do you take so many vests, Do her nappies leak?

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Re: What's in your changing bag?!

Postby RuthPat » Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:01 pm

I thought I carried a lot. Yikes you do overload. I bought a Pacapod bag well worth the expense. It has two smaller pods/rucksacs you can take out. I have the nappies (3 in a pod + more in wet bag if needed) with barrier cream (don't need or use but who knows) liners , reusable wet wipes , antibac spray wet bag plus spare nappy sacs in a pod and keep it under the buggy if out and about or in the main bag if need. The main bag is huuuge I can keep A4 files in it and change of clothes (for DD1 and 2) toys and all my stuff too plus reains and milk cup. Bib/s snacks in a wet bag and cutlery plus extra reusable wipes in a zip case. Buggy hardly stands up but it all fits (I don't use the second feeder pod now use a smaller washbag with snacks etc in) have got a pink pod with backpack straps for lo as a Christmas present ready for starting 2's group for gym shoes toys change of clothes and nappies (sold feeder pod as it's straps weren't padded). There was one for sale in classifieds - well worth it :-) Rx

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Re: What's in your changing bag?!

Postby twinkletot » Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:03 pm

I used to carry;
wetbag, 3 nappies, extra soaker, wipes, gaviscon, ranitidine, teething crytstals, bum cream, 1 change of clothes, snacks and a drink

Now I carry;
snacks, pottete, 1 change of clothes, wetbag, drink :giggle:

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Re: What's in your changing bag?!

Postby LilMrsAverage » Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:11 pm

if we go out for the day I have

pot of bee balm salve,
dexters shoes :roll: they dont stay on his feet so they are there if I need them
a bottle,
normally dried fruit,
a fork :roll: ,
hand gel,
normally a blanket of some kind and
we take a sling incase I need to leave the pram :giggle:
my phone
camera -
if we're going somewhere like the hospital I take a few toys for Dex

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Re: What's in your changing bag?!

Postby fivefourfour » Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:40 pm

We have:

TB wetbag
as many nappies as we'll need, plus 1 :giggle:
changing mat
couple of clean tops, pair of trousers/skirt, tights/socks
small MF wetbag with wipes, wipes solution, nappy balm, hand sanitiser, hand cream
suncream/antihestamine cream

coat in car/buggy
jumper for me

Box or two or raisins/organix somethings
her bottle
my water
my purse/ipod/phone/lipbalm etc.

If we're going out for the day with my husband I'll have my stuff (and his phone and wallet) in my handbag and he has the change bag.

We have the massive Oi Oi bag (which is designed for multiples!!!)
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