Newborn stash building

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Re: Newborn stash building

Postby tanya » Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:52 pm

I haven't replied on this thread until now as I went totally OTT with my newborn stash and it didn't get the use it should have, especially considering he was much bigger than I expected him to be.

If I was to do it again, I would keep it relatively simple - bimble/bambeasies, thirsties, SBOV, teenyfits and something for night. Not sure I would go for prefolds/terries as I really don't understand the appeal - but I didn't understand the appeal of fitteds at first either :giggle:

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Re: Newborn stash building

Postby wytch » Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:44 pm

i've gone OTT with this statsh to :oops: :oops:

5 L. Lambs bamboo
5 lollipop bamboo
5 micro fleece lollipops
10 tots flexitots
4 Nature babies bamboo loveables
a couple od bamboo terries and a ton of prefold
2/3 pockest and a few odd ones ( 2 swaddlebees a thristes fitted, apple cheecks pocket,sm minki ) and far to many pul wraps a couple of fleece wraps and a cuople bits of wool in a standard sm size but i have wool ready to knit when i have baby to get the right size+ grow space :mrgreen:

Also have my MM wool sleepsac to use at night with wool/fleece wraps to have with leaks :mrgreen:

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Re: Newborn stash building

Postby e586 » Fri Oct 08, 2010 6:20 pm

I plan to take cloth to hospital as well (without asking). someone I know asked recently and was told no. When I had Natalie it was ok as long as dirty ones went home each night, so I'm going to pretend I didn't realise they changed the rules if they challenge me. Hope to avoid staying in hospital anyway and am considering a home birth but would be more comfortable in hospital as long as I don't have to stay over.

Haven't really started building a stash yet, but have from the other 2:
8 BG AIO (small)
2 nature babies lovables
2 small sandy's bamboo
2 small smart nappies
a few prefolds
1 TB cotton
various wraps

am being given a stash of teenyfits (5-6 I think)
will start building wool/interlock stash in the coming months :)

and will also grab some other basic preloved bits. Most of our other nappies are BTP so will be able to use those at some stage anyway

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Cloth Nappy Aficionado

Re: Newborn stash building

Postby red_dwarf » Fri Oct 08, 2010 6:27 pm

Ive got so far

10 teenyfits
2 small ittys
9 newborn prefolds
2 xs thirsties wraps
1 s thirsties wrap
1 size 1 fleace tots bots
1 S LLS on order

I am planning on padding the stash out with some diddy diapers, size 1 little lambs. I really want some more LLS but dont know If I will be able to get some. And Im waiting with baited breath for puddlekins to open up again. I also want some weenotions.

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Re: Newborn stash building

Postby Rox » Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:11 pm

I had 19 nappies for a full time stash for Scarlett (yeah, 19 :hohoho: ) if i were to do it again i would aim for 25-30 but i wouldnt have many more than that as its a waste of money given how quickly they grow in those early months. Better to save your money and buy bigger sizes too for baby to grow into, or just save it until new nappies are needed.

As for hosp, dont tell them - just take in a couple of wetbags and get DH to do it. Make it easy, leave step by step instructions on how to wash them, leave everything out so he can find it and just rotate bags with him as he visits (if you have to stay in)

Enjoy building your stash, if i were to have another now i think i would still have some SBOV NB as theyre just sooo teeeny but the rest would, without a doubt be fancy fitteds and wool - tho, i would def have some wraps too as i remember our wraps saving her clothes from a few explosive BF poo disasters as things got going LOL

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Re: Newborn stash building

Postby angelsquidge » Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:18 pm

I can't even think what I've got already for Grub......

.....some small cotton and bamboo LLs, small Fuzzi's, some small UDs, a few random unknown fitteds, about 7 muslins to use in the first couple of days, lots of small LL PUL wraps, some small ME wraps, a big pile of various fitteds I'm going to hopefully get round to finishing in time :giggle: and lots of yummy wool that I've been given!

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Re: Newborn stash building

Postby Frances » Fri Oct 08, 2010 9:19 pm

I'm planning to go for mainly pockets this time. So far we have:

FITTEDS (mainly newborn size)
- Diddy Diaper
- Bimble
- Starbaby
- Dunk 'n Fluff (bear in undies!!)
- one made by me (more to be made soon)

- 3 Blueberries
- 1 Itti
- 2 Rumparooz
- 5 Mothercare Smart Nappies and 8 inserts

Plus all Jas' nappies, most of which we'll keep even if bump is a boy.


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