What's your slimmest?

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What's your slimmest?

Postby smilinglou » Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:39 pm

Slimmest nappy, pocket or AIO mainly, and list some info underneath your list if you'd like.

Slim nappies:
Bambooty Easydry (haven't tried the other type)
Bumgenius AIO and Organic AIO
Coolababy AIO (super super slim, slimmer than a disposable, lasts a couple of hours maybe longer if you're lucky!)
The best so far is actually the Tots Bots Pocket Tot with the folding insert they come with, super slim!

Some obvious slim ones that I'm just not finding all that slim:
Tots Bots Easyfit v1 and v2
Itti Bitti D'Lish AIO/SIO

I find the Bambooty for some reason aren't that good for a longer length of time and wick easily but very slim and small for carrying in a changing bag.

Bumgenius AIO lasts quite a few hours with some wicking under tight clothes if been on for a while but very slim and lasts an age.

Bumgenius AIO Organics are great but no stay dry inner, quite slim though and btp.

Coolababy sooo slim, slimmest I've found but can wick if on for too long, over 2 hours can be a problem but great end of day nappy or poo nappy :giggle: very cheap to buy and you can add a thin hemp or bamboo insert as a sort of liner to add absorbancy.

Tots Bots Pocket Tots are seriously good with the stay dry inner, no idea why Tots are discontinuing these, simple btp pocket design and great with the folding insert for slimness.

My non slim slimmies: :giggle:
Tots Easyfits I don't find slim for a 'slim' nappy but they are squishy so can squish under clothes to be slimmer.

Ittis are the opposite and are quite firm, I think depending on the size and shape of the baby they can be slim, I'm sure they used to be slimmer on my lo but now make clothes a little tight but still a good staple if they work for you.

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Re: What's your slimmest?

Postby JenKyleKaitlinRoo » Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:43 pm

Slimmest to bulkiest

BG organic
BG AIO sized
Easyfits brights or V2
BG v3 and v4
Fuzzi Bunz sized
Weenotions sized
Weenotions OS

I found BG Organics the slimmest we have without compromising on absorbency. I do find easyfits slim too though. We have them on the middle setting so they fit his skinny legs.

BG aio sized are easy to boost and last well I find but take an age to dry.

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