Whats in your Bucket / Drawer?

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Re: Whats in your Bucket / Drawer?

Postby AnnetteandBen » Mon May 19, 2008 9:57 pm

I've lost my actual list I made which listed 100+ things,

But anyway what is in use and what I can remember being late at night

Nappies (2parts)
my new scrunchkins peter rabbit nappy!
3 swaddlebees OVOS
12 (ish) MEOS
2 Bamboo MEOS
1 ladybird large northern lights
little lamb size 2 (no idea how many - about 30? as some are still brand new and hidden away - need dying)
3 bamboozles
2 fluffles

HH med ducks
HH large ocean animals
GK cars
HH onesize cow
11 bumgenius v2.0
swaddlebees econappi
ETA - 2 med zoo print and 1 med train print fuzzis!

oh forgotton
5 cotton kiwi quick flips
1 cotton / bamboo kiwi quick flip
1 bambeasy
2 bumbles
1 harmony
1 eh bumhugger

med - weenotions ladybirds & nemo, ME rainforest,

sugar peas wool wrap (LOVE)
rainbow pixie knits (slightly too small now :cry: )
ladybird pixie knits (BIG toddler size :mrgreen: )
stuff I have knitted

So that makes 80

oh and my 4 gdiapers with prefolds in - just trialing them at the moment.

OK if I have to choose my all time current fav it would still be the cotton / bamboo kiwi quick flip as I can use it as a day nappy, but then stuff it as a night nappy.
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Re: Whats in your Bucket / Drawer?

Postby Velvetsteph » Mon May 19, 2008 10:08 pm

Ok so this is ONLY stuff that's in use... Doesn't include stuff for sale, on loan, on dolly/teddy/dog or just plain too small :D
Total nappy count is now only 27 nappies including night nappies - no wonder I keep running out!! :hohoho:

6 Fitteds:
3 x Bambineo bamboo
1 x Ella's house print
1 x Nippa Cotton tots
1 x Northern Lights Weenotions

14 Pockets:
3 x Large Happy Heinys prints
1 x Large Spiderman embroidered slinki-minki
3 x Large weenotions side-snap (1 embroidered)
2 x Bumgenius 1x v1 and 1x v3
2 x blueberry minki onesize
1 x Large poly pocket bots plus
1 x hot pink PT Fuzzi
1 x pink gingham Med Fuzzi

3 AI2s:
1 x Large Berryplush with embroidery
1 x Large Itti Bitti D'lish
1 x Med/Large Iish Fly with embroidery (love love love!)

4 Night-time
1 x Large Standard Minki
1 x Large Puddlepants Weedies
2 x Large Night Notions

7 Wraps
3 x Large Weenotions
2 x babylonglegs shorties
1 x doodlepants longies knitted by grandma
1 x longies knitted by me! (fern&faeries pattern)

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Re: Whats in your Bucket / Drawer?

Postby kt24 » Mon May 19, 2008 11:15 pm

4 PT Fuzzis
5 medium Fuzzis
1 lycra Weenotions
1 minkee weenotions
1 crushed velvet weenotions
2 upsy daisy
5 greenkids
3 Blueberries
1 wonderoo
1 mommys touch
1 bumwear
1 itti Bitti
1 Baby Kanga
2 Pocket bots
3 Berry Plush

14 Bumbles
1 Bambeasy
2 northern lights
2 Bumhuggers
2 Huggles
1 Night notions
2 fluffles
1 Bamboozle
2 cotton tots
1 Baby Beehind
1 Bumgenius Bamboo
2 Swaddlebees ocv

3 large weenotions wraps one cotton, one minki, one crushed velvet
5 large airflow
5 medium airflows
1 pair pixie knits shorties
1 Pair pixie knit longies
1 Pair home made shorties

32 pockets/AI2s
37 fitted
16 Wraps/wool

I think that is quite modest for two. I think I really need some more.................

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Re: Whats in your Bucket / Drawer?

Postby beck » Tue May 20, 2008 1:25 am

cotton Quick flip
6 tots bots
2 beaut bots

4 wahms
3 Weenotions
19 Green kids
2 Swaddlebee
3 Happy Heiny

Nature babies
Kiwi tiger fleece
2 beaut bots

I know theres more but cant think of the top of my head.
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Re: Whats in your Bucket / Drawer?

Postby joodel » Tue May 20, 2008 5:43 am

You people really are addicts! :shock: :shock: :shock:
Beginning to think I don't belong on this forum any more (i just browse all the sites and make wish lists of napies I'd like to try :oops: )

Anyway, we have
6 night nappies (5 totsbots and 1 bumble)-all size 2/btp
24 homemade fitted/pocket nappies (mostly white, 2 new funky purple ones recently made)
1 purple bamboozle
1 earthbabies shaped nappy (med)
1 mothernature bamboo nappy (med)

6 wraps (all motherease airflow, 2 of each size from newborn - large, prints)
1 fleece wrap
2 new longies (one XL and one L) :D


When both my LO's were full time in nappies (about 6months during a very wet and damp winter!)...

That's all I had then too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy x
Do I get an award for the least amount of nappies used for two children??? :D :D

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Re: Whats in your Bucket / Drawer?

Postby Allie » Tue May 20, 2008 7:18 am

Ok here goes:


2 x Tiddlybums
1 x Kaypee
3 x Fuzzi's
2 x HH's
1 x sunbums
1 x Fattycakes
1 x My Precious Baby
2 x My precious Dignity
1 x comfybums
23 x prefolds (well I might have an emergency and run out of nappies :oops: )

Oh and 66 scrunchkins :oops: (well she has to test every fabric - right?) :oops: :oops:

1 x little lamb
2 x Babybufters
2 x swaddlebees
1 x popolini


3 x Babybufters fleece soakers
2 x handknitted wool soakers
3 x pairs of longies
1 x pair of shorties
3 x weenotions
2 x nature babies

I really didn't know I had that many :oops: as i've never counted until now :shock:

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Re: Whats in your Bucket / Drawer?

Postby Shevi » Tue May 20, 2008 7:38 am

scrunchkins wrote:.......Oh and 66 scrunchkins :oops: (well she has to test every fabric - right?) :oops: :oops:

I really didn't know I had that many :oops: as i've never counted until now :shock:

LOVE the afterthought of 66 nappies!!!!

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Re: Whats in your Bucket / Drawer?

Postby Rae » Tue May 20, 2008 7:44 am

OK my list is still extensive, but after just selling 6 bamboozles I am actually searching for nappies after the last wash while waiting for some to dry.

8 BG's (yellow, blue, green and pink) - however one is kept at the nursery as a spare
2 BB's (jaguar and dalmation prints)
1 pocket bot (flowers)
1 MinnieO (sushi print)
2 standard minkis
3 HH's (2 strawberry shortcake ones, and a cow print)

1 Iishfly (with 2 sets of poppered inserts)

1 Natty nat naps

3 bamboozles (am trying to sell one of these)
1 little lamb bamboo
6 wambamboos/bambineos
2 night notions

1 Nature babies
1 tots bots
1 little lamb
2 ME airflows
3 bright bots (which I'm trying to sell)

Then we have wool, but wool is clothes, not nappies!!!

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Re: Whats in your Bucket / Drawer?

Postby Louise » Tue May 20, 2008 8:29 am

I don't have many nappies in use at the moment as Katie has just grown out of her size 1 and medium nappies and have just sold off most of Ryans nappies so I can buy some lovely large girly ones. :D So currently in use we have

Fitted nappies
1 Aqua Bamboozle
1 Nippa BTP Bambeasy
1 Popper BTP Bambeasy
3 Wam Bamboo blue, pistachio and cream
1 Luxe Fitted
1 Holdens Landing
1 Embroidered Berry Plush
3 Kiwi Quick Flips Forest Green Red and Pink
6 Bumbles
2 Baby Beehinds Bamboo 1 Purple 1 Green
1 Swaddlebees OV in rose pink
1 Northern Lights
1 Jimmy Riddle
1 Muttaquin Baby
1 Little Kiwi Remo Packer
3 Night Notions

6 Nature Babies
2 Wee Notions
3 ME Airflow
1 Little Kiwi

2 Blue Bumgenius
2 Blueberry Onesize - 1 Ruby, 1 Pink
2 Wee Notions Pockets - 1 old style blue with robots, 1 embroidered velvet

Think that's it for now. I have also got 2 Wee Notions pockets and a Night Notions on the way :D
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