Help with my newb stash

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Re: Help with my newb stash

Postby Bloom » Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:03 pm

Louise wrote:
Bloom wrote:Thanks for all your help i really appreciate it as i really have no idea how much of everything i need.

I now have 2 xs bumgenius
1xs OWW
4 xs sandies

i was going to get 6 Kissaluvs and a handful of small terries will that be enough do you think?

Probably not. It depends on how often you plan on washing them and what drying facilities you have though. I would say you need at least 20 nappies, probably more like 25 to be on the safe side. I usually go through about 10 nappies a day at least on my newborns (dirty nappies at every feed :roll: :lol: )

Yes i should remember from my dd but ive forgotton how often newborns need changing.
so im aiming for 25 okay that helps thanks :thumbsup:

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Re: Help with my newb stash

Postby buzzybee21 » Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:05 pm

My little Seph was 7lb6oz at birth. The xs and the s OweWhoaWhen both fitted nicely although the xs was out-peed quickly. I also had a couple of xs sandies and they were a great fit. Diddy diapers and size 1 angeltots were good too. I bulked out the stash with muslins and then used large terries after a couple of weeks. I also used size 1 kissaluvs with a nippa to make them smaller - this works with any Terry nappy and we've been using bumbles folded down from early on too.

Now I'm just going shopping! ;)

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Re: Help with my newb stash

Postby Bloom » Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:22 pm

Thanks this is what i have now

4 tots bots fitted size 1
3 diddy diapers size 1
2 Thristies duo wraps size 1
2 weehuggers wrap size 1 & 2
1 tots bots fleece wrap size 0
2 lil joeys
3 ittis Sio size small
1 nature babies stuffable lite size 1 with insert
9 bummis prefolds
4 thristies inserts
1 teenyfit
2 xs Bum genius
2 xs sandies
6 xs Kissaluvs
9 size 0 Bimbles

I know i need some boosters and liners. Possibly some terrys too.


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