Baba+Boo Cloth Nappy Reviewers Wanted!

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Baba+Boo Cloth Nappy Reviewers Wanted!

Postby baba+boo » Mon Apr 04, 2011 10:22 am


I am just about to launch my new series of nappies which have a few little changes.

My current range although have had consistent brilliant reviews, were not fitting smaller babies very well, so I have slightly re-designed the shape and added some extra features to ensure they have a snugger fit around the legs and tummies.

I have tried them on friends babies and am very pleased that the do fit better on smaller babies and the performance of them is still excellent - but would also love for 5 independent reviewers to let me know their thoughts too.

I ideally would like to try them on a mix of babies weight-wise with some smaller younger babies and also maybe some toddlers.

If you wanted to have a look at my current range, here is the website http://www.babaandboo.com

If anyone is interested, please could you DM me and ideally the weight/age of your child and then I will pick 5 at random.

Thanks for your help in advance.

ps - I have checked it was ok to post this with Clothmama!

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