Whats your current nappy stash?

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Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby eviesmummy » Thu Jul 17, 2008 5:56 am

Just because I couldnt remember what I have/dont have, Im going to write it down to hopefully reassure me I have enough nappies, I dont need to buy anymore, I cant fit them on the nappy stand :lol: Ive bought and sold over the last few months so my stash has really changed lately - so -

Updated, again :lol:

Pockets -
15 Bumgenius OS
2 Pink Gingham Fuzzi
2 Swaddlebees Econappi
4 Swaddlebees Side Snaps
2 Lil Stinkies
2 Wonderoos

2 Itti Bitti D'Lish

Night -
3 EH Bumhuggers
2 Standard Nappies by Minki
1 Slinki Minki

Wraps -
1 Motherease Airflow
1 Nappy Elite
1 Thirsties

Wool -
Homeknitted crops
Homeknitted shorts
Homeknitted soaker
Pixie Knit Shorts
Tempestuous Poppets Soaker
Unsure where from skirtie/shorts
2 Homeknitted longies

Thats not actually too bad is it :lol:
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nicola g
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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby nicola g » Thu Jul 17, 2008 9:55 am

4 slinki minki
1 nightnotion ( another on way)
1 greenkids minkitimes
5 itti bitti dlish ( another 4 on way)
1 weenotion onesize
3 weenotion side poppers (another on way)
2 Blueberry sidesnap
3 Bumgenius
1 Happy Heiny onesize
1 stuffie nappy
2 swaddlebees
2 easy peasy nappies

also have 2 northenlights and 2 bumhuggers on their way.

Not bad 35 with the ones on their way. Quite boring tho!
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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby jonathansgirl » Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:05 am

Re-posted further down as I've been buying and selling loads :twisted:
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Sucker for Cloth Nappies

Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby jan3182001 » Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:42 am

Looks like I might have to catch up a bit :twisted:

13 AIO Mommy's touch BTP
2 Swaddlebee's AIO
1 Swaddlebees Pocket
1 Wonderworks AIO
5 Wonderoos Pockets BTP
1 Wonderworks Pocket
4 Happy Heiny's
7 Pocket Bots
1 Palm and Pond Pocket
5 Bumbeano Training Pants
4 Home made Pockets

1 WAHM on order
6 Homemade in production

5 Kushies Ultra - which I don't count because I dont use/like them :?

Inserts - a few bought and most homemade - haven't counted yet

so that's 43 with another 7 on order/production

Didn't realise there were quite that many :oops:
Mind you the Pocket Bots and training pants and Swaddlebees AIO are currently used on DS3 :) so may be i could fit a couple more in

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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby Rae » Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:53 am

8 BG's (yellow, blue, green and pink) - however one is kept at the nursery as a spare
2 BB's (jaguar and dalmation prints)
1 pocket bot (flowers)
1 PBPD (pink minki with a blue seahorse on it)
2 standard minkis
1 slinki minki
1 Swaddlebees Econappi
1 HH (cow print)
1 wee notions special one-size coming very soon

1 Iishfly (with 2 sets of poppered inserts)

1 Natty nat naps

2 bamboozles
1 little lamb bamboo
6 wambamboos/bambineos
2 night notions

1 Nature babies
1 tots bots
1 little lamb
1 ME airflow
1 ME Riki
1 Rebs

1 Skirtie
1 Skort
3 Longies

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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby Pinchette » Thu Jul 17, 2008 12:03 pm

I started taking a few pictures just before going on hols as I'd washed and dried them all but got distracted and didn't finish.
But here's a few:
3 Upsy daysies, 2 greenkids, 1 weenotion, 2 funky nappies
3 luxe and 2 jimmy riddles (Kiara placed the flowers in the middle)
The night nappies: 2 bight notions, 1 motherease, 1 bamboozle, 1 minki
Misc surrounding my lovely Lucie's hope chest
Images hosted at HoldThatPic.com

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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby beck » Thu Jul 17, 2008 12:23 pm


19 green kids
5 Weenotion SS (another on the way)
3 Happy Heinys
3 Fuzzi bunz
6 various WAHMS or unknowns


3 Bubblebubs
4 Magicalls
1 Iish fly
1 Funky bumz


2 Kiwi QF
2 Beaut bots
4 cheeky bumz


Nature babies
LK tiger wrap
2 beaut bots
1 BBH Wool
1 weenotions on the way!

1 Longies
2 shorties All from a lovely lady on Ebay.
1 soaker

Theres more but cant think off the top of my head :roll: but thats 52 or so enough for now :lol: wont be showing DP this list.

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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby JanX » Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:33 pm

lets see what I can remember off the top of my head:

10 med fuzzis (2 gingham, others are pink, lilac etc)
4 BB OS (2 tanzanite, 2 pink on chocolate)
4 BB SS (2 ruby, 2 fire opal)
6 Wee notions SS (2 rainbow, 2 purple with butterflys, 2 black with lips)
4 wee notions OS (2 white embroidered, 2 tang & rasps)
6 BG V2 (2 each, white, pink & yellow)
4 Mommys touch (2 chocolate, 2 blue bows & flowers print)
4 poppered minkis (2 purple stars, 2 orange flowers)

40 pockets

4 poppered bumbles
2 size 2 little lambs
4 night babybufters
2 night notions

12 fitteds

2 orange flowers nature babies
2 friller wee notions

only 4 wraps :shock: :shock: :shock:

4 covered caboose merino wool wraps
2 covered caboose merino wool longies
2 knitted by me merino longes
2 crochet longies currently in process :wink:

10 woolie items!

I have streamlined my stash a fair bit lately!

I also have 10 large fuzzis waiting to see if the girls will need them :roll: :roll:

jan x

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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby AnnetteandBen » Thu Jul 17, 2008 4:08 pm

Um far too many to remember!

just briefly approx 10 or 12 MEOS inc 2 x Bamboo
Little lambs (20ish?)
3 bamboozles
9 (I think) bg's v2.0
HH large
HH med
3 fuzzis
some quick flips for day use
oh 2 fluffles which we are using today as emergency going away nappies
3 x swaddlebees OVOS

3 quick flips
2 bumbles
1 bambeasy
1 harmony
1 EH

4 large ladybirds weenotions
2 med ladybirds weenotions
1 nemo weenotions
1 wool ladybirds
2 minkie blueberry

longies - lots of homemade as we are between our pixieknit sizes

on order - 2 quick flips and 1 wrap
waiting in US for me - 4 minkie blueberry wraps


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