Whats your current nappy stash?

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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby tanya » Thu Jul 17, 2008 6:37 pm

11 x BumGenius (all colours except white)
4 x Happy Heiny One Size (Red, turqoiuse, pink + one other which I can't remember!)
6 x fuzzi Bunz Medium (Orange, light pink, peach2 x bubblegum + pink gingham)
3 x Med Weenotions pockets (Cow print, angels & fishes + custom embroidery)
1 x large WeeNotions pocket (Custom embroidery)
2 x Blueberry OS (Pink on Choc & Pink + lilac dots)
= 27 pockets

4 x Cotton Kiwi quick flips - night nappies (soon to be replaced)
2 x size 2 Bamboozles (Orange & yellow)
1 x size 2 Cotton Tots (Supposed to be blue, but DH dyed it pink, so looks kinda lilac :) )
1 x Holden's Landing Bedbug - night nappy
= 8 fitteds - 5 used as night nappies, 3 used as day nappies, all under wool

2 x Couche Cover (orange and pink - Medium)
2 x Pixie Knits custom shorties
1 x Addicted2Ewe crops (More like longies atm :) )
1 x Woollywraps longies (Blue & Red stripe)
= 6 covers for day/night time
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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby nic1 » Thu Jul 17, 2008 6:39 pm

4 Nightnotion (3x viscose outer, 1 x hemp outer)
1 Babybufter

1 x Flowerpot tots capris (although decided to sell - in FS section now!!)
1 x karen made longies
1 x some on their way from Natalie (doesn't count as falling off wagon as i don't class woollies on my wagon) :hohoho: :hohoho:

Then that's it!!

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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby rachelinscotland » Thu Jul 17, 2008 7:53 pm

Right ... just gone and taken a count/inventory of what I've got in my stash! So should be correct, as long as I wasn't forgetting about anything that might be elsewhere! :)

8 Minki fleece pockets, both slinki & standard, in med, large & xl (black w/ spots, cows, sheep, zebra print, orange w/ flowers, diggers, paw print, & jigsaw
3 Wonderoos btp (2 lilac and 1 pink)
1 lg Swaddlebees side snapping, velour lined pocket
2 sm Naturebabies stuffables (lite and ordinary one)
1 md Fuzzibunz, white
1 lg Cheeky Monkeys AIO, purple
Total pockets = 16

Fitted/shaped nappies:
12 Little Lamb size 2
1 Little Lamb size 1
1 Tots Rainbow bots size 1, orange
3 Tots Bots Bamboozles size 2 (2 aplix, 1 nippi)
12 Tots Cotton Bots size 3
1 xl Minki Huggle, pink/peach
2 Bambino bamboo, size 2, pink
3 Wambamboo/Babinex size 2, 1 unbleached, 2 pink
11 Motherease onesize, 10 dyed deep purple, 1 unbleached
2 wahm fleece lined terry nippi nappies, bright yellow w/ colourful fleece
2 Lollipop, 1 microfleece in deep red, 1 softee in grey
1 Kissaluv size 2, lime green
2 Greenbaby organic btp (rather sad & stretched tho!)
1 unknown make white terry nappy with colourful side snaps
2 homemade lg stuffie nappies (dark green terry w/ blue print fleece)
4 homemade terry nappies (similar shape to Tots), 2 small in lime green, 1 med in rose, 1 med in dark green
2 toddler size Bumhuggers (rather sad & stretched tho!)
Total shaped = 62

Flat nappies:
3 Nappy Nation size 2 bamboo prefolds
1 unknown brand bamboo terry square
1 Little Ewe terry square
18 sm/med Junior Joy prefolds
18 large Junior Joy prefolds
10 small Kushies flannelette prefolds with cute & colourful prints
Total flat: 51

15 Proraps, 5 sm, 5 med, 5 lg
1 xsm Motherease Rikki
3 sm ME, 1 Rikki, 2 Airflow
4 med ME, 2 Rikki, 2 Airflow
7 large ME Airflow
2 xl ME Airflow
2 lg LoveBums wraps with fleece cuffs & waist, purple w/ pink cuffs, and light pink w/ dark pink cuffs
Total wraps: 34

Also have about a dozen microfibre inserts, half being large Fuzzibunz ones and the other half smaller Nurtured Family. Another half dozen microfibre cloths (tho haven't really ever used them), loads of fleece liners, a couple of ME stay dry liners, a couple of cotton boosters.

So I think that's my stash! :) I have 129 nappies!! :shock: Though the prefolds just get used as inserts in pockets. And a further 34 wraps (tho most are not in use, I only use the Lg and XL ME Airflows). But always keep the smaller stuff just in case any more babies come along. :) And Abigail has fun using them as dolly (or teddy bear!) nappies just now.

Obviously nothing very exciting - most are just boring functional nappies, rather than some of the designer nappies that some of you ladies have! :wink:

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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby kt24 » Thu Jul 17, 2008 8:21 pm

Currently in use only............I have two drawers full of next baby stuff..............

Pockets/ AI2s
5 medium fuzzis
4 PT fuzzis
3 Weenotions
3 Berry Plush
1 itti Bitti D'lish
2 pocket bots
3 Blueberries
1 Baby Kanga
5 Green kids

12 bumbles
2 Northern lights
1 BG bamboo
2 fluffles

Night nappy - Zac
4 bumbles and 1 bambeasy

Night nappies - Lockie
2 Bumhuggers
2 huggles
1 babeco bootylicious
1 Night notions

5 ME airflows large
2 weenotions
1 Tots fleece

Pixie knits longies
Home made longies
Pixie Knits shorties
Home made shorties
woollywraps shorties
Home made crops

It didn't look so bad when I had two in nappies - now it's just one it's probably a bit too many. I've sold some but I can't bear to part with anymore. :(

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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby Steph » Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:31 pm

10 bamboo little lambs
1 small weenotions pocket (pink velvet with hearts)
1 medium weenotions pocket (purple minkee)
1 slinki minki (pink daisies)
1 Scotland pocket
1 diddy diaper
1 kiwi quick flip
1 sandys

1 weenotions friller
5 motherease airflow medium
1 nature babies

have on order
1 ellas house bumhugger
1 night notion (turk and silver daisies)
1 medium velvet weenotions pocket
1 cuudlesoft pink wrap
1 fleece wrap

so that's it for me for now but am building my stash all the time

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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby charliesam » Mon Aug 04, 2008 2:20 pm

I thought if i wrote mine down will convince myself we don't need anymore!


6 small fuzzi
2 onesize WN
3 greenkids
5 onesize blueberry
2 small blueberry
1 funky
2 pocket bots
2 french pockets


3 itti bitti d'lish


2slinki minki
1 standard minki
1 night notion
1 starbunz


1 northern lights- 2 more on there way
2 bumhuggers

3 WN
4 ME

Also have collection of tots bots and other wraps that don't fit any more

Thats 37 in use nappies- definitly plenty!

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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby pinkydinkydoo » Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:06 am

Well i'm getting rid of a lot of our pretty stuff because of dd shape :( so i'll just list what were keeping. Mainly all the really really boring stuff :roll:

6 kushies classics
3 bamboo sandys
3 fluffles
3 northern lights (2 of them are on order)
2 bamboozles
5 cotton tots bots
3 night notions
1 huggle
1 batik bums

2 popo wraps
2 minki
2 motherease
4 kushies
(tempted to get a wn wrap when she grows a little more).

1 HH
3 drybees
1 standard minki
3 slinki minki
5 wn side snap

2 longies
2 shorties
1 soaker
1 pair of crops

Well still looks like quite a lot :shock:

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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby nic1 » Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:46 am

2 night notions

And one bedbug coming from Jen :D :D :D

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Re: Whats your current nappy stash?

Postby Louise » Fri Aug 08, 2008 2:08 pm

Mines not very big atm as I've sold a lot of them recently but I'm gradually building up a new stash :D


1 Minkee PBPD
2 Fleece embroidered WeeNotions Onesize
4 Minkee Embroidered Wee Notions Onesize
1 Minkee embroidered L Wee Notions
1 lycra L Wee Notions
1 Pink velvet embroidered L Wee Notions

3 Northern Lights
2 Peenut Pants
2 Jimmy Riddles
1 HoneyBoy
1 Arabesque Baby Playdate/Sleepover
1 Rockstar Babywear
3 Limited Edition Night Notions
1 Cotton Night Notion
1 Cotton Quick Flip
1 Stuffie
4 Bedbugs


1 Minkee Cherubs Kiss
5 Itti Bitti D'Lish
1 Fanciful Fanny Blue Flowers
2 Holdens Landing
1 Iish fly


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