What's in your current stash?

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Re: What's in your current stash?

Postby vampiredreams » Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:48 am

Midst Potty Training so stash is smaller than it has ever been :cry:

5 x BG OS
8 x BG V3 Larges
2 x Looby Lu AI2 larges

8 x LLS large
5 x DNF OBV Large
2 x DNF Knit Large
3 x DNF OBV XLarge
2 x Looby Lu OBV Large

2 x DNF wraps Larges
2 x Peter Rabbit prefold wraps Large
1 x Thirsties Duo wrap size 2 (ON WAY)

6 Jimmy Riddles dyed prefolds
3 Thirsties Hemp duo prefolds

10 x LLS SW Night nappy
1 x LLS SW Night nappy

4 soakers
3 shorties
2 boardies
2 crops
13 longies
7 skirties
2 soakerless skirties

2 interlock soakers
1 interlock skirtie
1 interlock soakerless skirt
1 interlock shorts
1 interlock crops
2 interlock longies

1 pair fleece longies

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Re: What's in your current stash?

Postby knees_on » Fri Aug 19, 2011 10:15 am

Mine is quite humble but the largest I've had so far!

1 medium All Hours
1 small Happy Days
5 medium Ittis
2 own-made OS AI2
3 own-made medium AI2
6 own-made medium fitteds

1 emergency (never gets used) BG
1 emergency Tiny Tush OS
2 medium WN (again not used)
1 medium LLS (not used)

1 medium ME airflow wrap

1 preloved soaker

1 Mummy-made shorties
2 Large preloved shories that she can just about fit into now!
1 preloved shorties on the way

2 fleece shorties

Eek I thought I had loads more wool, 1 doesn't fit anymore and 1went through the wash :(
Better get some more wool!!!

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Re: What's in your current stash?

Postby Sally » Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:21 pm

Love these threads always make think I need more nappies :giggle:
We have
9 holdens landing ai2
9 large weenotion pockets
3 fuzzi bun for nursery
At least 20 bamboo prefolds,
3 weehugger wraps
2 pocket bot wraps
I only have 4 fitteds but really want some more for night times so I can use my wool instead of pul wraps would love a dunk n fluff but don't think I can justify the expense no she is nearly 2 :(
I do have more oww prefolds on the way :giggle:

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Re: What's in your current stash?

Postby tanya » Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:13 am

Day Fitteds
8 x Large DnF - OBV x 4, Rhinos, Superheroes, Choo Choo, Retro cars/OBV
2 x M/L HL fitteds
1 x Size 2 Hollow Oak fitted
6 x Goodmama OS - Cars, space, games, striped, Ooga, Baseball
3 x Bububebe OS - Cow, Camo & Later Gator
1 x Medium Pianissimo Cloth
3 x Large F&S - Elephants & 2 x OBV
1 x Large Sweetiebums - OBV
1 x Large Jimmy Riddles - Zoo
2 x Medium Bamboo Short Rounds - Boys Smell & Zoo
5 x Large Tweedlebum & Tweedlebee fitteds
(33 fitteds)

Night fitteds
7 x Large WNNN
(7 night nappies)

2 x Pixie Knit Longies
2 x Halobaby Longies
Tempestuous Poppet "Toddzilla" Longies
Tempetuous Poppet Shorties
Hollow Oak Interlock Soaker
2x Mummy knitted shorties
Mummy knitted longies
Mummy knitted boardies
(11 woolies)

Vintage cars shorties/boardies
Vintage cars longies
(2 fleece)

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Re: What's in your current stash?

Postby m86 » Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:58 am

Louise wrote:Mia's stash -

XS and NB fitteds

She has already outgrown the XS OWWs, the 2 NB Holdens Landing and a couple of others but the rest are in use -
10 Hollow Oak NB fitteds
1 Puddlekins Silent Nights
1 Flutterby Fluff NB fitted
1 Orange Diaper Co fitted
2 Pianissimo Cloth fitteds
3 Puddlekins All Hours
10 XS Dunk n Fluff fitteds

We have started using some of the small stash (I have sold 2 of the WN pockets and the Ittis already but still have the rest plus 1 NL and some OWWs not pictured here) -

In use -
6 S Holdens Landing fitteds
1 S Holdens Landing Dreamscape
1 S Holdens Landing Bedbug
5 S Owe Woah When fitteds
8 Rainshine Designs fitteds
1 Wee Notions Northern Light fitted

Waiting for her to grow into -
6 S Dunk n Fluff fitteds
3 Pianissimo Cloth fitteds
4 Puddlekins All Hours fitteds
1 Megaroos Designs fitted

Pockets and AIOs
1 Holdens Landing Playscape
1 Zimsy Whimsy AIO (part of an HL collab)
4 S Wee Notions pockets (2 sold)
1 Flutterby Fluff Wool AI2

And in her medium stash so far (will add pics later) -
12 M OWW fitteds
1 M/L Holdens Landing AI2
2 M Holdens Landing fitteds
1 M/L Holdens Landing fitted
6 M Dunk N Fluff fitteds

Oh, what a stash :drool: Love the fact that you took pictures so you can see the beautiful and very colourful fluff.
What make it the "believe" pocket nappy? It's VERY cute.... Might be a future purchase for Emma Kaylee :lol:

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Sucker for Cloth Nappies

Re: What's in your current stash?

Postby Bugglyboo » Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:41 am

Ours is very boring compared to Mia's stash but I'm in the process of making some fitteds so hopefully this will brighten up Ed's stash.

Daytime fitteds:
15 x TotBots Flexitots
2 x mummy made Rita's rump pockets

1 x custom WNSS
6 x Dudeybaba (2 used as swim nappies)

Night Nappies:
3 x Easy Peasy Bambeasy
2 x WNNN
1 x unknown WAHM nappy

We only have 3 pretty nappies so I really need some more :(

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Re: What's in your current stash?

Postby Lover » Wed Aug 24, 2011 12:21 pm

Love your pretty stash & woolies!

Leo has quite a boring stash but I'm being a bit more adventurous lately and trying new things since he's getting bigger now. He has:

12 Flip wraps - Ribbit, Moonbeam, Twilight, Zinnia & Sweet
20 Flip Stay Dry Inserts & 3 Organic Inserts
8 from Tiny Nippers
1 Mini La La
1 Wee Notions OS Custom
1 Itti Tutto (on the way)
1 Rosie Boo (on the way)

1 Holden's Landing Bed Bug
1 Luscious Little Somethings
2 Old style Wee Notions Night Notions
6 Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch
6 Motherease Rikki wraps
1 Motherease Airflow wrap

2 pairs of longies, 1 with matching beanie hat.

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Re: What's in your current stash?

Postby becky1978 » Wed Aug 24, 2011 6:25 pm

We've got

5 oww
3 dunk and fluff
2 goodmama
2 muttaqin
3 tweedlebee and tweedlebum
3 bamboo ll
4 etsy wahm unknown
2 hollow oak
1 jimmy riddles
1 holdens landing
2 Flutterby fluff
1 made by amber
Millions of prefold

5 bgs
1 Itti tutto
1 Itti all in one
3 Itti sio
1 mini lala
5 easyfits
4 eBay cheapies
1 wnss

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Re: What's in your current stash?

Postby clothnappyaddict » Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:26 pm

I have (not including those I currently have for sale) -

6 x WeeNotions OS
3 x BlueBerry OS
1 x Fuzzi Bunz OS
6 x Wonderoos V2's
2 x BumGenius V3's
2 x BumGenius V4's
4 x Issy Bears (minky & day, & a mixture of V1's and V2's)
7 x Ebay Cheapies
2 x Rumparooz OS

4 x Bambooty Easy Dry prints
3 x Itti AIO old LE prints
1 x Itti SIO old LE prints
7 x Tutto's (old and new LE prints)
2 x TB V2 Easyfits

I think that's it.


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