Is this enough for my newborn stash?

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Is this enough for my newborn stash?

Postby Rufies mama » Sun Dec 18, 2011 3:15 pm

Bearing in mind that my last baby was 9lb 14oz I'm expecting this one to be a bit of a chunk too... I'm a bit concerned about the umbilical cord though, R kept his for 9 days... Is it essential to have the snap down at the front nappies?

So far I have:

In newborn
2 - Lil joeys
5 - Teenifit
1 - Blueberry (NB - small adustable)
1 - Puddlekins All Hours
EDIT: Ooh, just remembered I ordered a Newborn EcoPosh fitted from Babybots last night, they're maybe by the company that make Rumperooz! Exciting!

Wraps in newborn
4 - knitted wool soakers
1 - Wool romper but I probably won't get to use it unless its a cold June, fingers crossed!

In small
3 - Swaddlebees fitteds
2 - Tots bots stretchies
1 - Blueberry pocket
4 - Diddy Diaper micro
1- Diddy Diaper cotton
1 - Itti Bitti D'lish
1- Bambinex teddy
4 - Homemade bamboo fitteds (bought from here).
2 - Sandy's (small but look huge, more like medium)

Wraps in Small

1 - Totsbots red fleece (looks big to me!)
4 - Blueberry minki wraps (but I prefer to use wool or fleece)
1 - Baby Beehinds wool wrap
2 - Wool Longies

I also have:
10 - Disana knitted tie on nappies
1 - Bamboo terry
And various BTPs including a Gingerbread man Easyfit that I ordered last night, whoop!

I'm interested in using prefolds (homemade) and muslins...

I intend to make some aswell, probably Diddy Diaper style with jersey knit outers. What should I use at night (my last baby was in disposables at first but I don't want this babe to ever wear one of those filthy things! :giggle:

All input gratefully received. X
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Re: Is this enough for my newborn stash?

Postby fivefourfour » Sun Dec 18, 2011 3:23 pm

I would say you have plenty of smalls, but maybe need some more nb? It's hard, because all nappies have different age/weight ranges.

It also depends on what size/shape baby you have.

Night time-wise, it's hard, I would say bamboo nappies would be best. But really at first, they won't sleep much more at night than during the day, so you won't really need seperate nappies. Maybe get some bamboo/hemp boosers just go cover you if he/she sleeps a bit longer than you expect. Things like the puddlekins would be great for nights, or WNNN, LLS nappies or a boosted stretchie bamboozle would be good for when they're a little older and sleep that much longer.

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Re: Is this enough for my newborn stash?

Postby Shaunie » Sun Dec 18, 2011 3:45 pm

Based on previous baby weight I would say you have enough NB stuff, especially bearing in mind that you can use muslins / prefolds for a newbie too.

My boys were 10lb 7oz & 9lb 3oz so I have nothing in NB size at all, in fact lots of the smalls look tiny so I imagine they won't last long at all!

Initially I intend to use my bamboo little lambs for nights and boost if needed. I won't buy designated NN's until baby needs a medium size. :D
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Re: Is this enough for my newborn stash?

Postby anothersquish » Sun Dec 18, 2011 3:58 pm

I didnt use NB on T at all, straight into smalls he was 9lb born and 9lb7oz by 5 days so smaller yet still didnt REALLY need NB...I maybe would have gotten 2-3 weeks from NB though I didnt have enough of the smaller small sizes such as small DnF/GF/LLS/HL etc as I didnt get them til he was a few weeks old and I knew what suited...could have done with them in the first few weeks but looks like youve got it covered.
Looks like you have enough certainly until you find a preference for one thing or another and if you have some prefolds and muslins regardless of the size of baby they will be fine for day and for night.

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Re: Is this enough for my newborn stash?

Postby confusinglady » Sun Dec 18, 2011 6:00 pm

WTS :) Looks like you have enough especially if baby is due in the summer as they ll dry quicker.
I found small Sandy s larger too ;)
Night time as some one said is just they same as day really to start off with, I always changed at each feed.
In terms of snap down at the front, I Didn t have any and dd2 was in cloth from birth. I used muslin s for first 10-14 days and you can make them lower to fit underneath but then I found the wrap would be over the cord so just made sure the fleece liner rested on the cord and could then keep the area dry. Didn t have any probs.

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