Blueberry sidesnap - review

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Blueberry sidesnap - review

Postby Shevi » Mon Oct 15, 2007 8:33 pm

love it.
comes up small. very slim, lovely fit

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Re: Blueberry sidesnap - review

Postby flutterby » Mon Feb 16, 2009 4:15 pm

Relaibility: 8
Absorbancy: 8
Cuteness: 10
Drying speed: 10
Slimness: 8
Value for money: 7

Overall comment: Show off nappy

I love these, they are such a good fit on my skinny minny, and they are simply gorgeous, everyone who sees them always comments on how lovely they are, they are sooo sooo soft, they are pretty expensive though!

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Re: Blueberry sidesnap - review

Postby mummy_mi » Sat May 29, 2010 10:09 pm

Manufacturer: Blueberry
Nappy Name: Blueberry Side Snap
Type of Nappy: Sized pocket
Fastener: Side snapping
Material: Minky outer, hemp/microterry combo insert
Size: Small (8 - 16 lbs), medium (12 - 25 lbs), large (22 - 40 lbs).

Reliability: 10/10
Absorbency: 10/10
Cuteness: 10/10
Drying Speed: 10/10
Slimness: 10/10
Value for money: 7/10

Overall Comment: Highly recommended!

Detailed Comments:
We have tried the onesize Blueberry before and found it very bulky, then we tried a side snap and have never looked back! They are really trim and come in a huge range of patterns, and we've never had a leak, Chloe can wear one for a good 4 hours. The only problem is for some silly reason Blueberry are discontinuing the side snap range, so stocks are limited everywhere! But this has meant that some shops have reduced them in price from £20+ to around £16 so bargains can be had if you're quick! These are a must have in everyone's stash!

Lovely and slim fitting, lovely soft minky fabric and the inserts hold a lot of liquid. The inserts fold out for quick drying and there is a good mix of solid colours and patterns for both boys and girls.

The only problems we have is that Chloe is quite long and skinny and although these fit lovely they are a little short on the rise. The price can be a little off putting as for the same price you can get a onesize that would last till potty training but in my eyes these are worth the money, they are so trim under clothes! And the big issue is that they are being discontinued but I am already stocking up on mediums for when Chloe outgrows the small!!

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