Modern Baby dri dream pop in.

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Modern Baby dri dream pop in.

Postby winniewheresmypooh » Sat Jul 11, 2009 10:16 am

Manufacturer: Modern Baby
Nappy Name: Dri dream pop in
Type of Nappy: Bamboo pop ins
Fastener: Applix
Material: Bamboo pop ins, pul/polyester outer
Size: One size

Reliability: 9/10
Absorbancy: 8/10
Cuteness: 3/10. Not cute and horrible colours!
Drying Speed: 7/10
Slimness: 9/10
Value for money: 8/10

Overall Comment:
Highly recommended

Detailed Comments:
Positives - Very reliable once at full absorbancy.
Leg gussett means that all breast fed poo is kept in as it ensures a snug fit round the legs. Only had one accident and it came up the back instead. I honestly dont think any nappy, cloth or sposies, would have contained it.

I find pop ins much easier then pockets as you dont have to worry about what to stuff with. just pop n go! Comes with 2 pop ins one large and one small. The large pop in can be used on its own for newborns so you have less bulk and is elasticated in the middle to allow it to be used through the different rises without any bunching up. I only used these from about 10weeks so cant comment on fit on a newborn.

Additional booster available for night time which is shaped like a prefold, although I haven't used this at night yet i have used it for stuffing pockets and it also proves reliable once i figured out how to best fold it.

ETA: forgot to say that the day time nappy is very slim fitting. Similar to the BG's. But more absorbant I think then MF. Not as slim as ittis but still slim enough to get jeans over.

Negatives- I do have a few issues with this.

Mainly the ugly colours. I thought yellow, orange, blue and green would be nice but they are such a dull shade I feel very unispired by them! The yellow and orange pop ins have gone a funny colour in the wash and look a bit dirty! Although the outers are fine.

The other bugbear I have with them is that the laundry tab for applix is in the middle of the nappy. This means when poo heads towards the back of the nappy, as it does, the laundry tab gets poo on and so you have nowhere to stick the applix down! Poo also gets stuck in the elastic of the wrap (not on the pop in) but this is sorted by running a wipe along it and pegging it out stretched so that it suns out.

I always use a fleece liner because, not having a pocket means that it feel very damp to touch when wet. Liner sorts this fine though.

I do always have to tuck the top in that protects the baby from the poppers as this seems to always poke out the top!

Washing and drying- I dont know whether to put this under positive or negative really. The pop ins do not stain. At least haven't done so far. When hanging outside I can put these out in the morning and they are dry by evening. I dont think this is too bad. Inside I have had them in a window for 12hours and in the airing cupboard for 24hours. I think they were dry before this though and they were hung very close together. Had they been hung individaully they would have been quicker. The bamboo did go stiff in the airing cupboard which I was very cross about so I wont being doing that again! I have only been using these for about a month so dont know how they will dry in bad weather when not in the airer.

There does seem to be a lot of negatives compared to positives but the important point is that they work and they work well. I love these and they form the backbone of my nappy stash. I dont show them off when telling clothphobics about my nappies but they are so reliable at containment I would not be without them.

ETA: Have just put on my 3year old who wanted to try it on and it does fit! Like an absorbant pair of pants and only just but it does work, and he is very big. 38lbs. I know a lot of reviews I read doubted if they would last until potty training. Well, they do! DS is potty trained but just fancied wearing a nappy today!

Also, just tried the overnight booster with 4month old and it was great. everything dry in the morning, (except the nappy itself obviously!) Was only on for 7 hours but i am confident that it could have gone longer.

To update: I have still been putting the pop ins in the airing cupboard and there is not much difference between these ones and the ones I have only hung on the line. We don't have a tumble so assume this is something that happens over time with bamboo.

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