Apple cheeks pocket nappy!

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Apple cheeks pocket nappy!

Postby happytails » Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:44 am

Reliability: 7
Absorbancy: 7
Cuteness: 5
Drying Speed: 9
Slimness: 8
Value for money: N/A i won this!

Overall: So - So :cry:

Nappy materials:
Outer: waterproof laminated PUL
inner: super soft microfleece
insert: Cotton and Hemp terry trifold and a further 2 layer booster included in my nappy system

Comments: Made by a WAHM in Canada and will soon be available in the UK

First Thoughts:
The nappy looked very cute and was squishy and soft! The crotch looked a little wide but once on my LO it fit fine.

After i had washed the inserts 3 times i gave the nappy a go, i was impressed with the fit in general and it did look cute, Amber looked very comfortable. The poppers at the front of the nappy were easy to use and meant if we were greeted with an explosive inside the nappy it wouldnt get on the tabs! The nappy washed well and the pocket itself dried very quickly, the inserts took longer, as expected, but also dried fast!

The front poppers dont give a very trim fit and i did find it harder to find trousers to fit over it, its not overly bulky but more so than my WNSS and BBSS etc - just to give you an idea.
After only 1 hour of rolling around on her playmat, Amber had leaked out of one of the leg bindings, I have partly put this down to only washing it 3 times.
The second time she wore it, it lasted 2 hours then the inserts were soaked all the way through :-?
The third and fourth time it lasted successfully for 3 hours each time with no leaks, though the inserts again were sodden.
Also with the pocket opening being in the middle of the pocket i found it impossible to get the inserts out without getting wee on my hands (all my pockets are back/front opening and i like to take the inserts out before washing)


After the first 2 disasters this nappy has performed OK, however i would not rush to get any more. They are very cute, a bit plain as at the moment they are just different colours of PUL (we have Cherry Tomato). I like the fit of the nappy and this will be used in rotation with the rest of my pocket nappies. I wouldnt use it for lengthy car journeys as id be paranoid of a leak.

A picture of the nappy system is Here

Sarah x

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Re: Apple cheeks pocket nappy!

Postby Velvetsteph » Sat Jul 18, 2009 5:53 pm

Manufacturer: AppleCheeks™
Nappy Name: AppleCheeks™ system
Type of Nappy: Pocket nappy
Fastener: Front snap
Material: poly-PUL outer, fleece inner.
Insert: Hemp and Bamboo
Size: Size 1 fits from 7 - 20lbs, and Size 2 fits from 18 - 40lbs. All weight ranges are approximate.

I am reviewing the size 1 nappy.

Reliability: mark out of 10/10
Absorbancy: mark out of 8/10
Cuteness: mark out of 6/10
Drying Speed: mark out of 9/10
Slimness: mark out of 10 ie 9/10
Value for money: No UK price as yet so cannot judge...

Overall Comment:

Detailed Comments: These are similar in style to fuzzi-buns albeit like a serged version...
As you can see from the pictures below while it's not a super slim nappy neither is it bulky on Grace - it's a lovely fit and actually fits better and slimmer than her small new-style fuzzi so fit-wise I really like it.

Coped well with bf poo too altho' due to the position of the opening it was rather icky removing the inserts...

The fleece inner has bobbled very badly especially when compared with other fleece inner nappies and pockets - it seems very thin too...

Absorbency-wise it's pretty good, the nappy comes with a tri-fold square of hemp and a small very slim bamboo booster which you sit ontop and for an insert that comes with a nappy I'd say that's pretty good as most pocket nappies only come with microfibre which we have to boost...
Downside is the large square bit of the insert goes badly mis-shapen after washing and is a PITA to fold flat now...

Drying speed is pretty good as the inserts are slim so it's not a nappy you need to tumble although you can...

I probably won't buy more as it's not the most exciting of nappies and being canadian made there are the air-miles to consider (but only the same as you would with fuzzi bunz) BUT for the fit and absorbency I would buy one over a fuzzi bunz.

I would say the colours on the colour chart aren't particularly true to the real life nappies but that's good as the nappy is brighter in real life...

I have to say also a major major plus point especially if someone is new to cloth - their instructions for how to ensure a good fit, and their washing instructions are first class and I was very impressed... Lots of tips which are 2nd nature to experienced seasoned nappy users but I wouldn't have thought of suggesting are there such as doing up the leg snap before the waist one, boosting at night or for longer periods if needed, what constitutes a good fit etc...

They also include a small comparison chart of disp use (water, raw materials and cost) vs their own nappies for 30months...

This is the nappy we received: Image

And this is the nappy on Grace whic is currently only a little over 12lbs! Image

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Reason: Further use revealed a few flaws...

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Re: Apple cheeks pocket nappy!

Postby gayleygoo » Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:48 am

Apple Cheeks Pocket Nappy
These are sized nappies, (I tested Size 2)

Reliability: 6
Absorbancy: 6
Cuteness: 6
Drying Speed: 8
Slimness: 8
Value for money N/A as this was a prize.

Overall: a cute little nappy, very usable!

Nappy materials:
Outer: waterproof laminated PUL (available in 10 solid colours)
Inner: soft white microfleece
Insert: Cotton and Hemp terry flat trifold insert, extra booster. (these are sold separately, but were included in my pack.)
Fastening: white poppers

First Impressions:

I loved the look of this little nappy! Its very cute, slightly frilly
as it's serged, and nice bright colours too! The inserts were very soft, although looked a little small.
The nappy came with very impressive instructions, including use, washing, benefits of use, breakdown of costs etc.
If you were new to cloth you'd have no problem figuring this nappy out!


Not too bulky, and lots of space to stuff extra inserts and boosters.
Wide range of poppers, and very stretchy elastic to fit a wide weight range.
Drying time is good - the inserts lay flat for quick drying, and the nappy outer itself dries very quickly anyway.
Wide stuffing opening.

It contained a messy poo explosion very well, except that some of the poo went inside the pocket opening and was a mess
to get out! This nappy outer can also be used as a wrap over fitted nappies, and would well accommadate other inserts. I do love the shape of the nappy, and it fits snugly on my daughter.

Not So Groovy:

The lack of fun prints or customization can be off putting if you're not into plain nappies.
The inserts really could be bigger; there's still loads of room in the nappy once its stuffed and I have had to use extra boosters to get it to last more than 2 hours.
The extra booster is also very small for it being in a size 2 nappy.
Made in Canada, there are "nappy miles" to consider if you are carbon-conscious.
Mine was a prize, but they can cost upto CAD$30 (about £16) not including shipping. Its not that expensive really, but I still feel its a bit much for a plain pocket nappy that needs extra boosting and isn't onesize.
Mine has stained quite badly after just one poo, which hasn't washed or sunned out yet, but of course that may not be the fault of the nappy!

I probably wouldn't buy more of them unless they were available at a good price in the UK. I reckon the size 1 would be
very good on small babies, and would contain BF poo quite well. Also, I'm no sewing expert but there are a few stitching mistakes in mine, with loose threads that ive had to trim, and the threat of others coming loose.
The inserts have gotten quite out of shape and can be awkward to sit flat when the nappy is on.
Wide opening is halfway down the nappy, which is great most times, except for the poo explosion that went inside the pocket. :-?

You can find out more about AppleCheeks nappies here, including a video:

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Re: Apple cheeks pocket nappy!

Postby Shirley » Tue May 24, 2011 11:02 am

The Apple Cheeks nappies are in the UK now. Though they are a bit expensive compared to others they are really good because you can use them 3 ways .As a cover over terries or just lie inserts in the cover or as a pocket nappy. I have found out that if you use them as a pocket nappy the insert will come out in the wash, thats why the opening is in the middle. Its easier to stuff - especially for Dads hands! and no yukky unstuffing when used. I think everyone is so used to having to unstuff their nappies that they don't realise that you don't have to remove the inserts on these before washing! Great idea :D

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