Review Lollipop Pop 'n' Grow nappy

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Review Lollipop Pop 'n' Grow nappy

Postby hatesjazz » Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:02 pm

Nappy - Pop 'n' Grow
Manufacturer - Lollipop
Type - All in one
Fabric - microfibre with fleece over the top, PUL outer
Fastener - Aplix

Reliability: 8
Absorbancy: 8
Cuteness: 7
Drying Speed: 9
Slimness: 6
Value for money: 7

Overall Comment: Highly recommended

This nappy is designed to last from newborn right up to potty training. The design of the nappy is simple: it has a microfibre core to soak up wee, with a layer of fleece over the top to keep moisture away from your baby’s skin. The waterproof outer wrap is stitched on so you don’t need a separate cover. The nappy fastens with aplix, but has rows of poppers down the front to adjust the rise. The nappy comes with two boosters that you ‘pop’ into the nappy – leave it unboosted for babies up to 10lb, and after that just use either one or two boosters depending on how much absorbency you need.
The nappies come in really lovely colours, most of which are unisex – other than the hot pink, obviously! It’s lovely and fluffy, and after several washes the colours haven’t faded and the nappy still looks great.
The Pop ‘n’ Gro is also very easy to use. My baby’s over 1, so I leave the poppers on the front undone, and it’s a really nice, neat fit. Usually, I’m not hugely impressed with the absorbency of all-in-one nappie, but I find that this nappy is as absorbent as most of my two-part nappies, and I seem to be using it all the time!
To me, the very best thing about this nappy is the drying time. All in ones often take forever to dry, as there are so many layers, but the Pop ‘n’ Gro dries quickly, which is great for me as I don’t have a tumble drier. It also doesn’t go ‘crunchy’ when washed in the hard water that we have in my area, even if I line-dry it, a problem that I’ve had with other nappies.
The only thing that disappointed me about this nappy was one of the colours – the fresh green – which was more of an army-green shade, and not what I was expecting when I ordered it. The inner of the nappy also goes a little bit bobbly after a few washes, although this doesn’t affect its performance and you can’t see it once the nappy’s on!
I occasionally find that with both the boosters in, I get a big of gaping around my baby’s legs, but it’s always fine with just one booster. It’s quite a big nappy, even compared to other birth to potty nappies so even if your baby’s quite big, it’s worth trying the nappy on the medium poppered setting if you get any gaping.
The nappy does seem expensive, but when you think that it will fit your child for years, and that you don’t have to buy wraps on top, it’s actually good value. Consider buying the multi-packs for added value as they come with extras like a changing mat, liners and a carry bag.

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Re: Review Lollipop Pop 'n' Grow nappy

Postby Desperate_Dad » Sun Feb 06, 2011 6:54 am

Great nappy, even for us dads but only gripe is the label at the front. As it is sewn into the front through the waterproof layer it soon absorbs moisture and wet the front of my babies cloths, even from as little as an hours use.

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