Rocky Mountain BTP pocket

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Rocky Mountain BTP pocket

Postby mamamoo » Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:42 pm

Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain
Nappy Name: One Size
Type of Nappy: BTP
Fastener: Popper
Material: PUL and suede cloth, comes with microfibre insert
Size: BTP

Reliability: 9/10
Absorbancy: marked on insert that came with nappy 10/10
Cuteness: 10/10
Drying Speed: 10/10 for the nappy 6/10 for the insert
Slimness: 6/10
Value for money: 9/10

I found these nappies on nappyzone whilst trying to find the best price on a Flip! I couldn't find any reviews but they were on special offer at the time so I decided to take a chance. Nappyzone had 2 really cute designs, one with monkeys and the cow print I went for. I paid £10.50 introductory price which was the cheapest cow print pocket I could find.

I was impressed with the look of the nappy straight away and the outer feels really smooth. The legs have a button and elastic adjustment system similar to what you get on maternity trousers. This meant I could make the legs fit really snuggly on my skinny legged little girl. There are four poppers and some are double sided so you can cross them over the top if you have a really slim baby.

So far this nappy has contained a massive poo even after it had already been on for a few hours. It also hasn't leaked when I've had her in front carrier as has occasionally happened with other nappies. I haven't tried it overnight yet but think with an extra booster it should be o.k.

My complaints would be - the nappy is quite big and you can't control the rise as well as in a flip, it still has that kind of wasp bum effect. The inner layer has begun to bobble a bit already so I'm not sure how hard wearing the nappy will be in the long run. The insert supplied takes a long time to dry on the readiator. I would recommend it though, they come in really cute designs for a good price.

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