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Wee Notions AI2's

Postby gayleygoo » Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:39 pm

(Perhaps this should have gone in the "pocket" thread as they are quite similar... thought I'd just make a new thread though in case people were looking out for an AI2 title...)

Manufacturer - Wee Notions
Nappy Name - Wee Notions All in 2
Type of Nappy - All in 2
Fastener - Poppers
Materials: Polyurethane laminate waterproofing, your choice of fabrics for inners and outers. Bamboo terry and microfibre insert with your choice of fabric topper. I chose minkee for inners, outers and insert toppers :)
Size: small, medium or large. I have tested medium and large.
Price: from £10.25 for outer, inserts from £4.50...the ones I tested were £11.75 for a minkee nappy, plus £5 for a 6 layer bamboo insert.

Reliability: 7/10
Absorbancy: N/A (but I'd give 7/10 for 6 layer WN insert, actual nappy does not absorb anything)
Cuteness: 10/10
Drying Speed: 10/10
Slimness: 9/10
Value for money: 9/10 (based on nappy without embroideries, these are a luxury extra)

Overall Comment: Highly Recommended! They are our non-fitteds stash staple (if that makes sense...)

Pros: Highly customisable, excellent Fluffy-bottomed cuteness factor, quick drying, neat fit, outer can be used several times before washing if not soiled.

Cons: Can be expensive, inserts are purchased separately. 6 layer insert often not absorbent enough for my children. As with most pockets/AI2's, they are not always reliable for containing BF poo...

Detailed Comments: Lovely nappies, excellent for showing off, as well as being as reliable as commercially branded cloth nappies.I got mine in patterned minkee, and love how soft and cuddly they are! Very well made, I've never had a problem with the fastenings or the elastic. Legholes are soft and stretchy, 4 rows of poppers on each side and they come in standard or high rise to accommodate a better fit. They are fairly slim fitting and I've found they'll even fit under jeans! The 4-layer insert is not enough for either of my children for more than an hour or two, the 6-layer insert still needs to be boosted most of the time. Although some newborn BF poo has escaped from the leg holes, mostly they have perfomed very well - certainly better than an Itti Bitti AI2. As with all AI2's, if the nappy outer is not soiled it can be left to dry and re-used with another insert, which means better value for money. This also means less bulk in the washing machine, so you can wash less often. The minkee has not been stained on any of the nappies, and they still look good after many washes. Embroideries can be added to the nappies, and they can have upto 3 different fabrics for the outer, so there are endless possibilities! However, as these options do not affect the performance of the nappy (just the price) I have not taken them into account. Excellent customer service from Wee Notions.

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