Tots Bots Easyfits Brights AIO

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Tots Bots Easyfits Brights AIO

Postby *tinkerbellarella* » Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:23 pm

Manufacturer : Tots Bots
Name of nappy : Easyfit brights (made for the american market)
Type of nappy : AIO, has a pocket which you can boost
Fastener : aplix
Material : Poly PUL outer, inner 50 per cent vicose bamboo 50 per cent polyester
Size : Birth to potty

Reliability : 9/10
Absorbency : 10/10
Cuteness : 8/10
Drying speed : 9/10 faster drying than my fitted nappies, dry at least a day b4 my itti's
Slimness : 9/10
Value for money : 10/10

i bought these from the ebay tots outlet after seeing my sister had some the same, having tried the v1 easyfits and not being that impressed i was skeptical that a newer version would really be that much better.

how wrong was i?!

the leg cuffs are now tighter and more improved, meaning less poo explosions and giving better general containment. the inners are different bamboo and i'm sure it's microterry boosters than are uber slim and tuck back on themselves to create a kind of aio/pocket hybrid. the fact that this booster comes out makes for a quicker drying time, very very quick for an aio. the booster doesn't look like much, thin but so so soft, even after lots of washes, would stay soft even without the aid of a tumble dryer! very thirsty booster, which is complemented by and additional booster of bamboo which can be added if required, for nights perhaps or for those more heavy wetters. the colours are solid, i'd be surprised if they faded over time, they're very bright! outerwise they feel almost cotton like and not scratchy like the ones that went before them. i have had alot of success using these overnight on taliesin and oakley, these are an exceeeellent choice for dads, even my partner prefers these and likens them to a disposable for ease of use. i currently have these in use on oakley who is about 11lbs and taliesin who is 23lbs and the fit is great on both, although maybe not so great for the under 8lber's hence why tots introduced the teenyfit, a teeny tiny version of this nappy which fill the gap perfectly for use from birth from i believe as low as 4-5lbs onwards. but i will review these under another topic!lol

this american version is a great value pack around 45 delivered from bargainbots only at this time in this country, they are slight seconds, meaning there might be a wonky stitch or some minor imperfection, this in no way changes how these function, i have looked all over mine and i cannot spot a flaw at all. i must add the bamboo extra boosters come as standard with this 5 pack, not currently avaliable with the english v2 but avaliable as a seperate purchase. The easyfit brights boast a capacity of 520ml unboosted, no wonder we all love them so much!

great for dads, grand parents or those not so familiar with cloth as they are so very easy to use, lovely and bright to look at and do exactly what it says on the tin. i am uber impressed and have already ordered my second pack.

well done fiona and the team at tots bots! :wine:

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