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Cloth Nappy Passionata

Tots Bots Teenyfit

Postby *tinkerbellarella* » Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:36 pm

Manufacturer : Tots Bots
Name of nappy : Teenyfit
Type of nappy : AIO, has a pocket which you can boost
Fastener : aplix
Material : Poly PUL outer, inner 50 per cent vicose bamboo 50 per cent polyester
Size : birth to approx 12lbs

Reliability : 9/10
Absorbency : 10/10
Cuteness : 8/10
Drying speed : 9/10
Slimness : 10/10 can't tell he is not wearing a sposie!
Value for money : 10/10

i bought these teenyfits for oakley from caroline at peachy tots, i'd been having huge issue with leg gape with near enough every nappy i owned and it was driving me insane! so my final attempt was to buy these and i have been very impressed. they are the perfect fit for a newborn, when they have sparrow legs and nothing fits, or what does fits looks so big on them it's ridiculous. these are super trim and the perfect start for a newborn baby nappy wise, where even dads can get in on a bit of cloth nappy changing action!

there is an addition microfibre booster that can be added if required, this is useful for first newborn nights and the early weeks where the teenyfits older sister, the easyfit might just not fit quite yet.

these would make the perfect start into the world of cloth imo, even complete newbies would love the funky prints, the soft outers and the ease of use with these nappies, totally foolproof tumble dryer able on a low heat, fast drying, they set one of the best examples of why cloth is better than disposables i have ever seen.

for washing every other day i would reccommned maybe 10-12 of these nappies for full time use, i get by on 6 for a day, but i am washing each night.

there is only 1 fault i can find with this nappy, at 10 weeks they need changing once at night to prevent leakage, my breastfed baby is starting to out pee them at the 5 hour mark, still a great lasting nappy boasting a 395 ml capacity unboosted, and 500 ml boosted!

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