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Baby Idea AnyHour Pocket Nappy

Postby Velvetsteph » Mon Apr 14, 2008 9:31 pm

Reliability: 9/10
absorbancy: N/A
cuteness: 5/10
drying speed: 10/10
slimness: 10/10
value for money: 5/10

Overall comment: Very well designed and reliable but a tad pricey compared with similar nappies.

Detailed comments: (are you ready!)

I accidentally ended up buying two of these - I ordered a Large and due to a mishap with the manufacturer popping nappies in wrong packets I ended up with a medium... But before the Large replacement could arrive via very quick and helpful CS from Tracy I got desperate for nappies :oops: (bad organisation with the nappy wash!) and used the medium and was pleasantly suprised at how well it fitted so I decided to keep and pay for both!

They have lovely soft fleece inside (kind of dark-cream coloured) and the outer is nice and soft too - I did get red marks on Isabelle's legs at the first wearing but to be fair I hadn't pre-washed it and had also done it up quite tight... And I've not had the problem since...

Reliability wise these compare very favourably with things like bumgenius (imagine a sized version) - with a mf insert and easypeasy hemp booster they lasted as well as any of my other non-cotton pockets (e.g. fuzzis, BGs, poly PB+s, WN) and even when the inserts were sopping wet didn't wick...
The colour choice is also similarly limited only more-so... It comes in only a few colours (chocolate brown, spring green or white) although I do like the chocolate brown (I've got the green and the brown).

There isn't a huge difference between the large and the mediums - I would say for the weight range they are quite generously sized but the Large is longer in the rise altho' not much bigger in other dimensions... Both sizes actually fit Isabelle really well at 29lbs (approx) and 2 years old...

I had to get used to the front opening for stuffing and was a bit aprehensive as I have had problem with my other front opening nappy with the insert sticking out of the front, and being more fiddly to stuff... BUT they have a lovely design feature which is that the front kind of folds-over, hard to explain really but it really works, stops the insert slipping out and the front-opening means you don't have to stick your hand in poo to remove inserts! (Altho' for girls the front of the nappy is the soggiest bit so no pulling the inserts out by the tiny dry bit left at the back)

I also like the way the velcro works, it's quite hard for a child to undo (relative to a happy heiny that is) and you'd be able to cross it over really really small if you had a slim but long child - altho' I have had problems with the velcro-wash tabs coming open in the wash if I didn't REALLY press them to make sure they were closed...

On the downside for the price - new these are £15 without an insert - of course you can buy these seperately but that would bump the price up further... And a new V3 bumgenius is currently retailing for around £14 including mf inserts and the AnyHour is not a onesize nappy.

So if you want a reliable, well made, well fitting nappy and aren't too fussed by cuteness then I would say these are great, they're not the cheapest or the cutest BUT they are absolutely fab for nursery who need things extra easy... :roll:
Oh and they're nice and quick to pop on a wriggley toddler who has to go and look out of the window NOW! :lol:


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