Review - Tots Bots Easyfit v1

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Cloth Nappy Wise Woman
Cloth Nappy Wise Woman

Review - Tots Bots Easyfit v1

Postby tanya » Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:48 pm

Manufacturer/Brand- Tots Bots
Nappy Name- Easyfit v1
Type of Nappy- AIO/Pocket
Fastener- Aplix
Material - PUL outer with Bamboo/microfibre combination inside
Size - BTP

Reliability: 9
Absorbancy: 9
Slimness: 10
Cuteness: 6 (I tried a plain white one)
Drying Speed: Dunno yet, but likely to be slow
Value for money: 8

Overall: Surprisingly good!

I borrowed one of these from a friend and I have to say I am surprised at how good it actually is. I've only ever seen bad reviews of these before, so was a little nervous about it.

Jake has just worn one of these for 5 hours :oops: (he had a long nap) and no leaks! It was full, but not leaking. That was the most surprising part as so many people said all they did was leak.

I'm definitely going to get me some more of these!

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Re: Review - Tots Bots Easyfit v1

Postby Lover » Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:42 am

Thanks for this review, I just bought 2 pre-loved tot bots v1 and was worried as I've seen bad reviews for them - I'm glad you had a good experience with them, hopefully I will too :thumbsup:

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Re: Review - Tots Bots Easyfit v1

Postby ThePurpleDragon » Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:47 am

Reliability: 5
Absorbancy: 5
Slimness: 8
Cuteness: 8 (Ihad rainbow stars)
Drying Speed: good
Value for money: n/a

Overall: Selling on...

Just couldn't get these to work for me, started with ebay cheapies and5 of these. they kept leaking :(

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