Bumgenius aplix V4

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Bumgenius aplix V4

Postby smilinglou » Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:24 pm

Manufacturer:Cotton babies
Nappy Name: Bumgenius
Type of Nappy: Pocket
Fastener: Aplix
Material: PUL, stay dry suede cloth, microfibre inserts
Size: Birth to potty (or just about)

Reliability: 10
Absorbency: Depends what you stuff with
Cuteness: 5
Drying Speed: 10
Slimness: 7
Value for money: 0 to 3 (see below)

Overall Comment: *
While the V3 is still around: Don't go there

Detailed Comments:
So I got this nappy today, it's preloved but pretty much the same condition as a new one, my overall thought at first was oh no the lady has sent me a version 3, I checked the nappy over, same elastic, same velcro, same size, etc you get the point. I quickly went upstairs to compare to the few v3's I have left, the nappies were the same, I couldn't find anything that makes them different, the label even had V4 written in pen by some confused person before me as they couldnt be told apart.
After a while I realised the width of the V4 is slightly (and I really mean slightly) wider :roll: I bought these as I've heard the rise is better in the v4 for an older baby and the rise was similar to flips/organic aio's but there really wasn't much point as the aplix ones are the same as v3s! I think after some more despair and comparing I learnt that the velcro tab IS slightly longer, but when I say slightly I mean less than a centimetre, the width of the whole nappy compared to the v3 is less than an inch maybe less I can't remember because it was so unnoticeable. So in that sense I think bumgenius have ripped people off, at least the v2 upgrade to the v3 had the wick stopper at the top of the nappy, the colours of the v4 are still very dull almost like they have done the opposite to what customers wanted, they have brought out prints now but with very mixed reactions and what I have seen on my travels most of these are negative.
Good points about the v4 overall (because I should try to be more positive in life): Poppers, forget the aplix and stick with the v3 but if you want poppers go with v4, I have a lavender one coming and am excited about this colour. I don't want to be completely negative as I do like the bumgenius nappies and they are great for getting people to use cloth, plus you can stuff with whatever you want (loose the microfibre and replace with hemp/bamboo and you've got yourself a fantastic little nappy that even lasts over night), but I feel Bumgenius do tend to hype up the 'new' version and charge a huge amount extra for something that isn't much different, perhaps they should take a leaf out of Tots Bots book. I do wish I had never bought this nappy and stuck with my v3's but am very glad for the popper nappy with Bumgenius's classic stay dry and great pocket system, I may sell on but would feel bad if I asked for more than a v3 is worth.

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