Baby Idea Growhour BTP Nappy

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Baby Idea Growhour BTP Nappy

Postby eviesmummy » Thu May 01, 2008 2:35 pm

Reliability: 10/10
absorbancy: N/A
cuteness: 7/10
drying speed: 10/10
slimness: 10/10
value for money: 7/10

Overall comment: Great nappy, but expensive.

Detailed comments: I received mine really quickly, and was very impressed with it straight away.

It has lasted my daughter 3+ hours stuffed with a GAD MF insert and a small EH booster before she did a #2. There was no sign of wicking and having inside gussets (which I havent seen on another pocket nappy) meant that the #2 was contained brilliantly. I think this would be great even for bf poohs.

Its a great fit on my 19 month old daughter - nice and slim between the legs, and a good rise on the waist. I did have to ask how to adjust the nappy to make it suitable for a smaller baby, but once it was explained it is easy to do - turn over the top to reveal another set of poppers, not too fiddly. The inner fleece is nice and soft and I would say it will dry comparably with my BGs. I like the poppers - usually this keeps the nappies looking better for longer, and I like the fact they cross over so there is good adjustment at the waist.

Very limited choice of colours - green, white and chocolate PUL, quite natural colours and not bright. There are no instructions on the packet to advise how to adjust the rise, but it has been explained to me now and is easy enough to do - this might be something that has to be added to the packaging. Finally, I did buy mine on the offer, but full price this is an expensive pocket nappy - £17 without inserts. I would be happy to pay around the same as a Wonderoo, but would really want a bamboo insert included in the price.

Overall - with the inside leg gussets, I think this will be one of our most reliable nappies, but it is pricey!

I have edited Value for Money up to 7, because once I saw how it adjusted I would imagine it would be a very good BTP nappy, especially since many pockets arent great for newborn poohs but the leg gussets on this pocket nappy would probably remedy this problem.

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